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Qt Widgets 8 comments

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Mar 31 2015
Agreed ! And a little doc would not hurt ;-) - Feb 04 2011
PlasmaNotify Firefox addon

Utilities 42 comments

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Jul 05 2011
This addon looks great but it seems to have not yet been updated on

Just reporting in case this is not only a delay in Mozilla addons processing. - Jan 30 2010

KDE 4 Splashscreens 5 comments

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Feb 27 2009
Thank you very much.
I'm doing the same work for the KDM theme (but it still needs some polishing ^^). - Mar 02 2009
Neither of the art are from me :)
The background is taken of the OxySlack theme from madsheytan (

I just refactored the splashscreen to use Glassified because I love it more than the default Oxygen one (or the reverse : I refactored Glassified because I prefer OxySlack background than default Oxygen one ;-)). - Mar 02 2009

Browser 4 comments

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Apr 11 2009
I'd love to try your app but... Where are the source ?
Licence is GPL but you provide no source packages and sources are not embed with the win32 zip file...
Don't you think there is Linux users here ? - Oct 25 2008

Text Editors 1 comment

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Mar 17 2008
I received some mails to tell me that the tooltips on kana completion where only in localized in french.
I'm sorry I forgot the english one.
This is now something done, you can download the english localized data file. - Mar 17 2008

Text Editors 1 comment

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Mar 17 2008
I received some mails to tell me that the tooltips on kana completion where only in localized in french.
I'm sorry I forgot the english one.
This is now something done, you can download the english localized data file. - Mar 17 2008

System Software 26 comments

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Jun 30 2006
Heya !

I sent you an email to fix this. I hope it helped you to fix this. - Oct 27 2007

Since I resumed slack-get development I put online a development blog were I can keep everybody informed of the changes.
The point of this blog is also to discuss about development problems, request of features and implementation critics and proposal.
The blog is at

I hope to see you there soon !

Arnaud Dupuis - Oct 27 2007
Hi !

I think the thing you want is already available in slack-get : you can already install/upgrade packages from
Here is a screenshot of a "packages tab" oredered by medias :

As you can see, you can have a lot of different medias (here I have 2 different Slackware repositories, one and one for example).

If by any chance the "media" isn't by default available in your [install directory]/etc/slack-get/medias.xml, please add this XML section :

<media id="linuxpackages">
<filelist> FILELIST.TXT</filelist>
<checksums> CHECKSUMS.md5.gz</checksums>
<packages> PACKAGES.TXT.gz</packages>
<faster> </faster>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<li> </li>
<description> Slackware resources to help install and configure the Linux slackware distribution, Email list, Discussion Board, Howtos, Contributed packages, and much more</description>
<web-link> </web-link>

I hope it answer to your expectations ;)

Arnaud - Jul 02 2006
The good URL is :
(the other one is only accessible from my network :) - Apr 19 2005
Against all appearences, I am not dead and I don't have stoped the slack-get's development.
But slack-get is at a point where the code is so worst that it is impossible for me to continue the improvement. So I have start to entirely recode slack-get (and slack-browser) in a new code architecture.
I explain all reasons of this re-code and some new features of the new release at : - Apr 19 2005
There were an issue in the Extra libs sources bundle, in the script. This issue is now corrected.

See Bugs section of the website for more informations. - Jan 19 2005
As you can see in the CHANGELOG, I have add a new package to the project. The "Extra libs sources bundle" contains sources of slack-get's required Perl modules.

I hope this will help users which have a lot of problems with dependencies. - Jan 04 2005
Yes this is all my fault :-(
I have exclude File::Reader from the dependencies (it's an error).
To solve this problem you have 2 ways :
1) replace the `for` loop in install_tools/modules_installer by :

for t in `sp2d $1 slackget* helper POSIX Qt::* GnuPG*`; do
perl -MCPAN -e "install $t"

2) type (as root) in a shell : perl -MCPAN -e 'force install File::Reader'

Sorry for those problems.

Arnaud DUPUIS - Dec 31 2004
All errors report during the make dep operations are not important. This is due to the fact that the module list to install is automatically generated (by a tool nammed sp2d in the install_tools/ directory). So this tool check for all dependencies without regarding on the "installability" of thoses modules. It just try to install them. It result of this process that some modules are not installables with this method (and the make dep will finished on error). But this is not important. All needed modules are installed. An exception is File::Reader which is now in version 0.8 and this new version is required by slack-get 0.9.0. But there is an error in the shell script install_tools/modules_installer and File::Reader is in the exclude list :-(.
You can install it by typing perl -MCPAN -e 'install File::Reader' - Dec 28 2004
No problem is quite simple to solve :
Type (as root) in a terminal :
perl -MCPAN -e 'install LWP::Simple'

If you have installed a Slackware package it's normal cause no extra perl modules are included in thoses packages. If you use the sources, after ./configure you just have to type 'make dep'.

Good day

Arnaud DUPUIS - Dec 26 2004
Hi all,
Just a little post to say that I am particularly active on the slack-get project dev this time.
So the initial previous was to release the 0.8.6 version this week, but the development has been considerably improved so I will release the 0.9.0 version.
The major upgrade for this branch is the support of translation (there is many upgrades but I let you discover them :-), and currently the slack-get project support only 2 languages : French and English. So if somebody can help me for the translation. I need particularly peoples that can translate in German, Spanish, Italian Portuguese and all languages.
If you are interested please send me an e-mail at Thank you.
PS : I can't use KDE translation file because slack-get is not design only for KDE user but also for server without X server.

Good day

Arnaud DUPUIS - Dec 10 2004
Hi all dude,
I have seen that for non coder, installed Perl modules which slack-(get|browser) depending on is not easy. So for the next version of slack-get (0.8.5), I will include in source package a Shell script which will install for you all modules.
The purpose of this post is that I want to know if some of you wants that I add a link for downloading this script has stand-alone application.

Arnaud DUPUIS - Dec 01 2004
Hum I have not seen that your perl is 5.8.0 ! it's quite old my friend :-)
You'd really better to upgrade (at least to 5.8.4).

Good day

Arnaud DUPUIS - Nov 13 2004
If you have installed the slack-get-extralibs package to have Time::HiRes this is normal.
I have compiled all module with perl 5.8.4 and the XS (embded C) version is not the same that the perl 5.8.5 one.
To fix this problem you have to install by yourself Perl modules which used XS by typing in a shell :
perl -MCPAN -e 'install '
for example :
perl -MCPAN -e 'install Time::HiRes'

Arnaud DUPUIS - Nov 13 2004
I very sorry but I have forgotten to remove some devel libs include in one file of slack-browser (the GUI).
So if you have a problem and Perl say something like that :
can't find in @INC, please edit manually the file /usr/lib/slackget/GUI/
and at the beggining you can find a line like that :

use slackget::GUI::slack_browser::logger;

remove this line and all will be good.
If you have another problem like that please mail me.

I will release a new version sunday afternon to correct all this problem. I also release a package, with all extra modules required (like Qt).

One more time, I am sorry for this problem. - Nov 06 2004
I have check the link, it's ok you certainly try to download when a great number of person try to.

For your problem with perlQt, it's quite simple to solve :
as root type in a shell :
you will have a prompt which look like that ;
If it's the firdt time you use it CPAN ask you for the configuration, answer 'no' if you don't want to custom the connexion parameter and then type :
install Qt
CPAN will download and compile the Perl Module Qt for you.
Have a good week end

Arnaud DUPUIS - Nov 06 2004

Utilities 24 comments

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May 12 2007
ok post something like an irc channel were we can meet to coordinate development, and maybe we could register a sourceforge space. This way we could use sourceforge's ressources (like svn ^^) for this project.
A project called WoWLinuxTools for examples were we could centralized all kind of projects like : addons installer, KWoWSettings of course and many other ideas that we could have !

Just an idea of course :) - May 11 2007
I agree with C++ and I will localize it in French. - May 10 2007
Well post the sources then and we'll help :) - May 08 2007
Slackware bootsplash - 1024x768

Bootsplash Various 8 comments

Rating: 7.5
Mar 28 2007
Great work !! I take it and put it on my Slack right now ;-) - Mar 28 2007
deKorator Slack 11 package

deKorator Themes 1 comment

Rating: 5.6
Oct 29 2006
Great thank you for this package. - Oct 30 2006
Perl Kana Editor

Text Editors 2 comments

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Sep 08 2006
Thank you for the link i'm trying it right now, this is really great indeed.

And for the typo, indeed, i have seen it when i saw the rss article in akregator... too late, too bad.
I don't think it's worth correcting, it only proof that i need a lot of improvement in Japanese ;-) - Sep 08 2006
I and my body

People 292 comments

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Dec 27 2006
Come on guys !
I do agree about the fact that's a public forum, but those pictures do not show more than you can see on ads in the Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam metro (subway for you English people) !!

Well, this is my opinion but their should be at least a KDE logo on the pictures as justification ;-)

PS: for the kid an his governement's call, I am curious on how he will present the thing : "Mr President I saw a woman's tits that unacceptable !!"... hem except for the infamous G.W "the butcher" Bush i don't think it will work a lot ^^ - Sep 05 2006

Developers Apps 14 comments

by glan
Rating: 6.3
May 02 2010
I think that your project is really interesting and I would like to know if you have already test the bindings generations via SMOKE ?
I haven't yet read the code nor download it, but I assume that this is whole C++ code and if I use it it may be with Perl so SMOKE is my friend ;-) - Nov 01 2005

KDM4 Themes
by madsheytan

Rating: 7.3
Dec 31 2008

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by madsheytan

Rating: 7.0
Dec 31 2008
Rating: 7.0
8   Feb 04 2011