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adam smith , United Kingdom
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
IDEA: Alt-Tab Task and Desktop Switcher

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 23 comments

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Dec 03 2005
This is currently the most popular KDE Improvement on this site!
Obviously there's demand for this feature.

But now, who wants the fame and glory for coding it?(I can't)

Any body have a Kute name for this? I was toying with HopsKotch.
- Dec 02 2005
I've never really seen the use of Expose or Kompose. Even on a Mac it's just impressive eye-candy. Move it into a multi-desktop environment and it makes even less sense. Who really wants their windows blown around by some imaginery tornado everytime they switch tasks? I think people are just wowed by it.
Personally I see this going in a different direction than Expose. - Dec 02 2005
Underground Desktop

Various KDE Stuff 8 comments

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Oct 13 2006
>Buddy, something can't be "too" subjective...

>It's either subjective or objective.

that depends on your world view - some of us believe that objective things only appear so because they are significantly LESS subjective than most things.
Black things appear black because they reflect significantly less light than most things; not because they reflect NO light. - Dec 02 2005