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Dec 12 2010
For some reason, clearing your browser cache is necessary to get the correct tarball (if you have already downloaded the incorrect one). Not sure why -- must be some bug in - Dec 13 2010
The new tarball works, but is named .tar instead of .tar.gz. It IS zipped, though, so you need to use:

tar xzvf - Dec 11 2010
The problem has nothing to do with permissions or ownership. It is simply that the tarball file is incomplete and/or corrupted. Perhaps tar was interrupted when creating the file. - Dec 11 2010

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Jul 11 2008
Has kdesvn-build made the transition from qt-copy to kde-qt yet? If so, how can I enable that feature?

Thanks! - Sep 16 2009
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

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Mar 23 2013
Oops. My bad. I thought I was using latest SVN trunk, but I guess not. Running the script fixed everything. Before, I was using cmake, make, and sudo make install in the build folder, but I guess that doesn't work...

- Jun 23 2009
I am using latest YAWP svn trunk on KDE 4.3 (also latest trunk). The weather icons for the forecast are simply huge and overlap each other. Kind of a weird effect. Does anyone have a patch for this yet? I've been poking at the source code with no luck.... - Jun 21 2009
I don't know if it's a but in Yawp or in Plasma (I am running the latest KDE 4.2 svn version), but my applets now show only the temperature (in a very large font). Even more interesting, when I try to remove them from an activity, instead of closing, they pull up the configuration menu. I can't get rid of them! (Okay, maybe I can by editing the .desktop files or something, but it's amusing anyway). I will update to latest svn of YAWP and see if that helps. - Jan 02 2009

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Sep 03 2007
It takes me to some kind of squatter site. No good! - Oct 20 2008
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May 26 2007
On opensuse-10.2, extract the tarball to
- May 30 2007
Clean Frames theme for Kipi HTML Export

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Sep 21 2008
Also, on opensuse-10.2 you can install this theme by extracting the tarball into the /opt/kde3/share/apps/kipiplugin_htmlexport/themes/ directory. - May 30 2007
Changing the colors from pink to something more neutral is relatively easy with these templates. Just hack the style.css file to replace the various RGB values with your own colors. - May 19 2007

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Oct 29 2007
Is it possible to trigger policy changes based on thermal zone information? It would be nice to switch to a lower CPU frequency as things get hotter, or automatically hibernate when reaching a critical point. - Apr 17 2007

by thb

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May 17 2010

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by purplegamba1

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9   Mar 20 2013

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by kratos12000

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