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Szilagyi Csaba Attila Zalau, Romania
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Sep 05 2017
Thanks for the help, but unfortunately it loads only 100 videos, just like if I'd edit the index to 2 and the line 91-91 from 100 to 200...Don't know what could be the issue, but it's most likely youtube.....because this problem occurred suddenly after youtube did another stupid update to the site... - Apr 12 2014
Unfortunately it didn't worked.. :(
But thanks for the help. - Apr 10 2014
So, I don't know if youtube changed something or what, but for some time now for me VLC will load only 80 videos max, even if the playlist has the maximum of 200 videos.
No, the playlist isn't private and doesn't have private videos, so that side is cool.
I noticed that if I open a playlist on youtube it will load only 80 videos at once so I thought that maybe that could be the problem? But after the March update I tried messing a bit with the script and changed the "index" at line 62 to be equal to "2" and changed the values at line 91 and line 91 from 100 to 200 and with this little temporary edit the maximum number of videos went from 80 to 100 in VLC. I tried going further but if I enter everything bigger then 3 on the index the playlist load will skip ahead 10 videos and will start the list from video number 10 and it will load it up until video 110 so this is still 100 videos.
Does somebody know what could be the problem here? - Apr 08 2014
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by exebetche

Score 85.8%
3   Apr 16 2014