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Anders H
Plasma Color Schemes

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Aug 29 2011
it allows you to invoke any command by simply moving the mouse into that corner of the screen (via the Commands plugin). For example, in xfce, I have keyed the top left corner to invoke xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu, so the menu opens without having to mouseclick anything, a bit like Unity in Ubuntu.

Problem is, I need to key it to an actual command that I could type in a terminal. A shortcut made in KDE won't do. - Aug 09 2011
I really like this app. However, I use Compiz and would like to be able to emulate the menu function I use in xfce, whereby I have the command to invoke the menu keyed to the left corner of my screen.

To do that I'd need to know what commandline string I can issue to invoke takeoff?

If none exist, consider this a feature request! Great app. :) - Aug 08 2011

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Mar 21 2009
You have done what is to be done and accomplished what is to be accomplished with this plasmoid now. Congratulations.

Any further improvements are just icing for me. - Mar 23 2009
agreed. Very polished experience now. - Mar 10 2009
What I am most hoping to see is grouped tasks and, if possible, instantaneous popups of the window thumbnails. Those two together would make for a very slick experience. - Feb 24 2009
I think it's a very good sign that a plasmoid like this that *is* very rough around the edges and has some glitches, nonetheless is so good in its basic design that it has me using it fulltime instead of the normal taskbar.

Excellent idea and I can't wait to see it in mature form. Good job. - Feb 24 2009

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by Known
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Mar 16 2009
I think you've made an excellent little app here.

Have you looked at If you could expand netgui to be a frontend for this as well, you would have a fairly feature-complete wireless app. - Mar 04 2009
Glassified KDM

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Apr 07 2009
I've been waiting for this. Thanks. Have you considered making an alternate theme with a selector window for users? - Feb 24 2009

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Aug 16 2008
Hope this icon set gets ported to KDE 4 soon. It's the best around. - May 19 2008
My Debian Desktop - KDE 3.5.8

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Feb 11 2008
where did you get the wallpaper from? - Apr 23 2008

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by mbaszczewski

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Feb 24 2009