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Babu Philip Bangalore, Karnataka, India
OlliFri new Icon Set

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Dec 30 2017
Great looking Icons, love it, please continue to update and support, your work will be much appreciated. Thank you. - Nov 07 2017

QtCurve 5 comments

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Jan 30 2016
Thank You.... - Jan 18 2016
Manjaro-Xfce4 Desktop

XFCE Screenshots 2 comments

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Jan 16 2014
The font used for conky setup is " Santana "
Thankyou, am glad you liked it. - May 01 2014

Conky 4 comments

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Aug 04 2014
Thankyou, - Mar 31 2014

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Jan 10 2014
open a terminal and run "fc-cache -fv" without the quotes - Jan 15 2014
Please change the line conkyrc and lua file which calls for the /media/win-D readings "because that is a fat32 partition on my system" to whatever partitions you have on your system
/var/run/media/???? ( for these manual mount partitions you get readings once mounted or you will get error)

- Jan 15 2014
Please download this file in 7z format
extract it and follow the README instructions.

Thankyou. - Jan 15 2014
please refer to this page - Jan 15 2014
Thankyou ZMA !

for pointing that out
I have uploaded a link for cmtp theme.
- Jan 07 2014
I am not able to understand your question, please be more clear,

about your operating system
and what you are trying to do with the downloaded file

then I can help you specifically with the setup. - Jan 06 2014
conky 1.9.0, with lua and cairo binding.
In Ubuntu like distros it's conky-all,
and I am using conky-lua on Arch based Manjaro Linux Desktop. - Jan 05 2014

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Oct 18 2012
Its a beautifull theme and I am using it with XFCE4.10,

I am having a small problem the notification area remains flat and colored grey when the panel itself is black and round...(looks odd)

I dont know whether its my mistake please help.

thankyou for this theme - Nov 28 2013

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Apr 15 2010
Thankyou, and I am happy that you liked it, Could really feel the joy of sharing man.
Thankyou. - Apr 15 2010
OlliFri new Icon Set

Full Icon Themes
by OlliFri

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9   Nov 07 2017