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Bean Lee
Ubuntu Radiance for Grub 2 [BURG]

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Mar 10 2010
Thanks daas88, it's perfect. I'd change the arch linux icon in the next burg-themes package. - Apr 30 2010
daas88, your arch icon looks better than current one. BTW, can you find a larger one ? - Apr 30 2010
Try the latest burg-themes 2010.04.25, the icons have been added. - Apr 30 2010
I've add this theme to burg-themes 20100322, thanks a lot for the great work by shafin.

BTW, I make the following modification to the theme:

* As it shares icons with sora, I move them to themes/icons directory, and use this in theme to include it:

include ../icons/hover

* In style, add - before section name.
- means remove existing section before adding new setting, while default behavior is to merge. This would cause problem when you switch to other theme and switch back.

* In style of radiancetext, text color shouldn't be set to "white:white" otherwise you can't see the text in theme selection menu. This color should be set in template_menuitem section in theme file. - Mar 21 2010