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Faenza Menu Icon

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Apr 26 2012
Hi there,

Thanks for the icon. I agree it's better than the stock Xubuntu Start icon but where do I put it? I tried putting it in /usr/share/icons/Faenza/places/scalable/ but that didn't work.

Thanks for your reply - Apr 28 2014
Nitrux incl. Basic and Super Bundles

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Oct 03 2017
OK, I think you missed the point of my post. I went to your site and in the few seconds I was there I found no icon sets. That's why I came back here and installed them from the command line. Few people read websites, they scan them. If what they're looking for isn't there quasi-instantly, they move on. That's not your fault, nor my fault, it's the nature of the web.

BUT... I want to thank you for the obvious work and effort that went into this icon set. As I said in my previous post, it's a fabulous icon set but they weren't to my taste. Thank you anyway for making them available.

Namaste - Apr 28 2014
Like the previous poster I would have liked to have seen a variant for Dark backgrounds.

This is a super icon set but for my personal taste it is too square, too angular.

Thank you - Apr 28 2014

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Feb 27 2013
It's called Xubuntu... - Apr 28 2014

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Nov 29 2012

I have to agree with the previous post that 700mb when unpacked is kinda massive LOL

After installing it I'm afraid the 700mb wasn't really worth the weight in my opinion - Apr 28 2014
sito in costruzione

hosting su piattaforma Apache/2.4.9 (Unix) mod_fcgid/2.3.9 - Apr 28 2014
Prophet Icon 13 Theme

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Jun 13 2012
Great work - I'm amazed mine is the first comment! - Apr 27 2014

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Jan 31 2010
Amazed at the amount of work that's obviously gone into this icon set.

Great work and, of course, thank you! - Apr 27 2014