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í‰tienne Bersac Paris, France
GDM Themes

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Apr 03 2007
STFW for hackergotchi

Étienne. - Apr 20 2007

Who is responsible of Blubuntu theme, you are very welcome to help him improve his artwork.

Sadly, no -look has been updated for feisty. We lakes contributors ! Join us at freenode/#ubuntu-art .

Étienne - Mar 27 2007
Hi all,

It seems that screenshot update is broken, so the screenshots are not very uptodate.


Étienne. - Mar 26 2007
Ubuntu Smooth Human

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Jun 30 2007

I like it, however, you should provide a larger screenshot, not a thumbnail. Also, should should consider tuning the logo : the white aura should be a bit transparent ; also the bottom bar should be less dark.

Étienne. - Apr 04 2007
Ubuntu Human User List

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by Stemp
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May 08 2007
Some faces are available in /usr/share/pixmaps/faces . Recent gdmphotosetup or gnome-about-me select this folder as default in the file chooser.

Étienne. - Mar 25 2007

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Mar 24 2006
Hi all,

I produce another version of Human GDM theme with userlist enable at

Étienne. - Mar 13 2007
This version try to be the more compliant with the latest gdm official Human theme. - May 22 2006
Polar Cursor Theme

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May 07 2006

First : bravo for the theme, its a high quality theme and a very pretty design.

Second : there is obviously a lake of cursors : especially for Gimp tools. Are you gonna make this tools cursors ?

Thanks ! - Oct 10 2005