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Aurorae Themes 25 comments

Rating: 7.0
Sep 05 2017
You are da Man!! both the dark and the light are both awesome. My new favorite theme.
thanks again - Mar 18 2017
This is exactly what I have been looking for. I love it.
Any chance of getting a Dark theme as well? - Mar 16 2017
Tiled Menu

Plasma 5 Menus 155 comments

by Zren
Rating: 7.2
Apr 04 2019
Hey Zren,
Great work on the menu. I really like it better than any of the menus out there for Plasma right now. I also made a video on the features of your menu. Thanks for all the hard work on it. - Nov 24 2016
Rating: 7.1
Dec 20 2016
Great theme bro. I just stumbled on it. I am not on mint so I don't have the mint-y icons but I use "Elvovere for mate blue" icons on the dark theme and it looks awesome. - Oct 28 2016
Tiled Menu

Plasma 5 Menus
by Zren

Rating: 7.2
8   Nov 24 2016