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Alecsandr Александр Chelyabinsk, Russia

SDDM Theme Mai

SDDM Login Themes Jul 29 2018
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Screensavers Dec 23 2016
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Developer Tools

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Mar 04 2012
Ну не WinHex конечно но гораздо удобнее тех инструментов которые входят в grooup Security Lab. - Dec 07 2018

System Software 224 comments

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Jan 08 2013
Everything is possible, files of repo remove a key check (gkg) and not subhand-written packets will be established. However from myself I will notice that installation not of subhand-written packets is dangerous and is bad form. Всё возможно , файлах repo убираете ключ проверка (gkg ) и неподписаные пакеты будут устанавливаться . Однако от себя замечу что установка не подписаных пакетов опасна и являеться дурным тоном. - Dec 07 2018
yumex has a present possibility though it already also is not supported but is in many Linux distribution kits. Yes here the question on Apper why takes off an error if I want to look at packets in group, to the 20th version of Fedora everything normally worked?? - Dec 07 2018
SDDM: Simple QML Based Display Manager

System Software 21 comments

by aavci
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Mar 24 2013
Good convenient, very beautiful subject SDDM I use now. The only noticed bag this spontaneous switching of the layout at input of the password. Annoying of course but quite tolerantly. PS and can I in sddm configuration that confused prompt. - Dec 07 2018
KDE plymouth theme

Plymouth Themes 7 comments

by Wrah
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Sep 04 2015
Wrah : A little refinement for Fedora 26 x86_64: plymouth-set-default-theme in the /usr/bin/ directory (otherwise not found).
# plymouth-set-default-theme --help
Plymouth theme chooser
usage: plymouth-set-default-theme { --list | --reset | [ --rebuild-initrd ] | --help }

-h, --help Show this help message
-l, --list Show available themes
-r. --reset Reset to default theme
-R, --rebuild-initrd Rebuild initrd (necessary after changing theme)
Name of new theme to use (see --list for available themes)
That is, the installation and Assembly of initrd: #/usr/bin/plymouth-set-default-theme kde-plymouth --rebuild-initrd. I have everything gathered without errors but is not working probably due to preset the default (and unchangeable) initrd which is assembled when installing the drivers NVIDIA. In General, as there were 3 blinking squares in turn: (: (.

- Nov 01 2018

System Software 76 comments

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Oct 19 2018
Я вообще-то противоположное имел в виду вынуть им голову из того места на которое Вы подумали и поставить куда надо :) :) - Oct 23 2018
Через VPN (wincribe) приложение работает
Хотя даже store.kde напрямую открывается криво (без илюстраций) а вообще не открывается напрямую :( :( Голову-бы вставить куда надо этим "господам" из Роскомнадзора. 23 октября 2018 г 13:51
- Oct 23 2018
Image Manipulation Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus

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Aug 24 2017
Thank you very convenient and useful tool !! Ps it is a Pity only localizations on all languages are not present and the directory with executable scripts (home/%Username%/scripts/*.sh) not very convenient. Maybe you can somehow "finished" ?? - Oct 18 2018

Dolphin Service Menus 142 comments

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Dec 26 2017
Dear geobarrod ! Please add a full menu editor to the start menu. Tormented, the standard KDE menu editor ver 5.10 works through the stump deck . : (I've sent bug reports to the developer several times since Fedora 21 was released, now it's 28 (I'm on 26) and who is still there .:( :(
Уважаемый geobarrod ! Добавте пожалуста в меню полноценый редактор меню запуска. Замучился ,стандартный Kde menu editor ver 5.10 работает через пен-колоду . :( Несколько раз отправлял отчёты о багах разработчику начиная с выпуска Fedora 21 сейчас уже 28 (я на 26) а воз и ныне там .:( :(
Ps Прошу прощения за мой ужасный английский через переводчик. - Oct 18 2018
Alas, it is not important due to the fact that the developers of the Dolphin 17.4 package closed the launch of the application with root rights and opening documents and applications with root rights . :( :( (Similarly, did the developers tekstovyh editors KWirite and Kate ) Downloaded 25 old fc version of the package has ustanovil poolesville as not all works and said a bunch of obscene expressions in the address of the Dolphin developers 17.4 ,KWirite and Kate in a moment which left users without distributivov Linux file Manager and the ability to edit configuration files as root. : (: ((Help with path package Dolphin 17.4 (Allowed execute as root) the path itself I have how to apply it ?? I understand you need to reassemble it from the archives ?? - Aug 02 2018
Tell me where you can find the version of the old rpm package (kde-services-3.0.2-0.fc 26.noarch.rpm)tried to enter the name of found packages in search of package managers. I may have not connected some kind of repository ?? P s New is not put it can not solve the dependence .:( - Jul 29 2018
Eternity Grub2 Theme

GRUB Themes 3 comments

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May 04 2015
Unpack the archive and move the contents of the theme to the boot partition of your Linux distribution (I have it /boot/grub2/themes/)
(!! To move to this folder you need root rights) .
Edit the /etc/default/grub configuration file .
Important lines are:
GRUB_THEME=/boot/grub2/themes/%Theme name% / %theme name.txt%
(where %Theme name% is the folder of your Grub theme %theme name.txt% theme configuration file.) GRUB_TERMINAL_OUTPUT="gfxterm".
The lines should be exactly like this, you need to replace or Supplement the file.
Next, update the grub configuration: # (!!) grub2-mkconfig-o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg .
Overload your device and enjoy the new theme.
Good luck.
Распаковываете архив и перемещяете содержимое темы в загрузочный раздел вашего дестрибутива Linux (у меня это /boot/grub2/themes/ ) .
(!! Для перемещения в эту папку нужны права root) .
Правите файл конфигурации /etc/default/grub .
Важные строки такие:
GRUB_THEME= /boot/grub2/themes/%Theme name%/%theme name.txt% (где %Theme name% папка вашей темы Grub a %theme name.txt% файл сонфигурации темы.) GRUB_TERMINAL_OUTPUT="gfxterm".
Строки должны быть именно такими, надо заменить или дополнить файл.
Далее обновляете конфигурацию grub :
# (!!) grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg .
Перегужеете устройство и наслаждайтесь новой темой.
Всего доброго удачи. - Oct 02 2018
Amarok Icon

Icon Themes

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Nov 12 2008
The theme is really beautiful but does not want to be installed from system settings-----> icons---> download icon pack (Fedora 26) (writes error does not find icon pack archive in store.kde ie . ) Solved the problem of manually unpacking icons in the directory /usr/share/icons/ oxygen / C replacing existing icons. Thank you, all the best and correct the mistake.
Тема действительно красивая но не хочет устанавливаться из параметры системы-----> значки---> загрузить пакет значков (Fedora 26) (пишет ошибку не находит архив пакета значков в магазине store.kde тоесть . ) Решил проблему ручной распаковкой значков в директорию /usr/share/icons/oxygen/ c заменой уже существующих значков. Спасибо ,всего доброго и исправте ошибку. - Sep 29 2018
ISO Mounter-Unmounter

Dolphin Service Menus 23 comments

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Jun 25 2018
Does the menu work correctly with all types ?? Or only with standard ISO 9660 ? In General, Krusader has a menu to mount in the submenu actions but does not understand ext4 and in my opinion would not hurt to do error handling . : IMHO and that standard error of mounting not information :IMHO - Aug 02 2018
Root Actions Servicemenu

Dolphin Service Menus 219 comments

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Aug 06 2017
Yes I agree the new versions of text editors kwrite,kate, the developers have disabled the reason, the ability to run as root, not apolosova their actions with the developers of file managers Dolphin and Krusader . As a result, we (users) with the release of Fedora 25 have the inability to edit the file in Krusader even with root !!! : (: (However, the ability to run through desu still left it and need to use the menu although 100% not sure what will work but in the console everything works. - Jul 30 2018
Diamond SDDM Login Gen5

SDDM Login Themes 2 comments

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Apr 09 2017
Thank you !!! Very beautiful stylish and functional theme for SDM . I will be glad to recommend its maker'es of sdm theme_xxx package.x86_64.rpm - Jul 30 2018

KDE 4 Splashscreens 1 comment

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Sep 19 2015
Thank you very nice ! But why so many left the dubious services it was not easy to put on one of the cloud services bypassing a lot of spam and annoying advertising ?? - Dec 23 2016
London_eye theme and splash screen KDE5

SDDM Login Themes 4 comments

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Jul 03 2016
Спасибо очень красивая и стильная тема ,обязательно попробую вместо куцей стандортной темы sddm в Russian Fedora 24 Thank you very beautiful and stylish theme definitely try is scanty standartnoi themes sddm the Russian Fedora 24 - Dec 23 2016
Get YouTube Video (improved)

Konqueror 110 comments

by panzi
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May 04 2012
A can add a submenu to choose video quality ?? - Nov 16 2016
Kids' Media Player

Video Players 3 comments

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Sep 15 2013
Installed the package without problems in Fedor 24 but when I run it silently fails - Nov 16 2016

System Software 4 comments

by mpg45
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Nov 30 2015
Error 404 there instead of src . - Nov 16 2016
Youtube Downloader

Web & Browser 1 comment

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Jan 16 2012
Alas 404 error in both mirrors :(
Please check the url mirrors - Nov 16 2016

Web & Browser 56 comments

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Dec 05 2017
Src curves probably also because I was not able to collect normal working package for distribution Russian Fedora 24. :( - Nov 16 2016
Unfortunately preinstalled with Fedora 24 web browser fails to start and drops the entire operating system. Maybe crooked a complete package. Maintainer'm mantainer`s to distribution Russian Fedora 24 with a request to correct the error and upload in the repository a working package. - Nov 16 2016
Cat 01

Animals 1 comment

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Sep 23 2012
It is not possible not to fall in love with this little ginger miracle in those beady eyes . Thank you. - Nov 05 2016