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Alex Niebla , Spain

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by lyrae
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Feb 02 2007
I also want to know what is that toolbar/sensor at the top of the screen.

Is it compatible with Gnome? - Jan 28 2007

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Dec 01 2006
Cool minimal theme and funny wallpaper!!

Congratulations. - Dec 01 2006

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by gyg
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Nov 25 2006
Ok, thanks. A pity. :/

:D - Nov 27 2006
follow the fisrt post in this thread: - Nov 27 2006
BTW: Khali-Blue doesn't appear in Murrine Control Center because when you unpack the tar.gz you obtain a folder whose name doesn't start with the word "murrine", and seems that Murrine Control Center looks for folders starting that way.

Just to prevent others failing in the same place I did.


- Nov 27 2006
Ok, I did it.

Thanks for the amazing theme, this is the theme I like the most in all time, serious.

But I must say that it doesn't work well with OpenOffice Calc, all the screen gets black ignoring all the work done in my spreadsheet with fonts and backgruod colors.

But I love it. I really would like you to fix it, if it is not asking too much.


- Nov 26 2006
I can't choose Khali from the murrine control center since it doesn't appear in the list.

I droped the extracted folder into .themes like the other themes, the other work but i can't see Khali, why?
- Nov 26 2006

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Nov 02 2006
I have installed the Murrine Configurator.

How Do I get that transparency to the unfocused windows I can see in those screenshots? - Nov 01 2006