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Dec 10 2009
i wasn't aware i'd agreed to pick this up, but what the hell...

i had a look at this on my machine last night which is also 64-bit karmic, but i'm not seeing any memory increase at all - rock solid at 17.2mb, and that was stable for 14 hours.

can you tell me more about the issue? such as whether this is running a player or not, and what player it's running, and what you're doing (i.e. listening to music or not) and what skin you're using and so on. anything that might be of use will help to track this bug down, and i'll see if i can't fix it. - Mar 19 2010
thanks for kicking this screenlet off a bit more - I was actually working on some of these mods myself, but carried away doing some extensions to the base code itself :) I've merged my changes into your codebase now, as there wasn't much crossover.

I've written some code that will allow extra flexibility in the placing of buttons in the skins, as well as some extra functionality where the APIs support it (i.e. shuffle, repeat, loop).

I've also tidied up a few implementation bits in a couple of the players where there were issues (i.e. where they weren't listening for signals to perform the track information updates).

Do you want me to feed them through to you via email, or just put them up on here? - Mar 03 2010