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boby Heyjoe

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Jul 16 2007
Well I'm on it. But don't have any idea how to implement to possibility to have a larger image than the panel.

My first idea was to hack the gnome-panel size, so that fullscreen windows would be on top of some part of the panel.

But I think I will have to go deeper than this.

May take some years... - Jun 18 2007
I tried before to hack on gnome-panel, but I can't find a way to load an applet from outside the current installation path.

If anyone has any information on developing an applet, feel free to link here.

But anyway I will try to see what can be done in the panel or applet source code as I really feel we can do better than this. - Jun 17 2007
Do you call it functionnal ? I just used it two seconds and saw it's not.

Maximize a window, see what happens. That is what I feel as a not-so-nice hack.

You just seems to be happy with the release. Feel free to use it.

I just hope someone realize it's not like this - Jun 16 2007
I'm voting you down because you use a stupid solution for the panel button to be higher than the rest of the panel.

And I think it's why you get so many download, we want to know how you did this. It's just disappointing. - Jun 11 2007

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May 26 2007
I have a suggestion for the theme, it's just a little thing but you know the devil is in the details.

It's about the close button (X) when the window is in the fullscreen mode. You should be able to close the window by going to the top right of the screen (if you have no gnome-panel at the top)

I know there are many users with the panel at the top, that's why usually no one cares about this.

But that's why I'm using Silicon metacity theme right now. That's one of those theme respecting this.

I will check if I can do the modification to your theme and send you the mod back. - May 26 2007
Ubuntu Blue Start Btn+Transparent Panel

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by Albi
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Oct 24 2006
Hello there. You seem to do not care about your licence, that's ok. But please care about the package and the file you provide.

I do not see any right file into the archive provided. Only two files are present:

The first is a screenshot of the start button, the second one should be the panel background but anyway it does not render right on my panel (this is probably a bug in the theme I am using so you should not take care of this one).

Could you provide at least the original png image of the button so we can use it and see if it's good.

Have a nice day. - Oct 24 2006
Continuum Icons

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by flow
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Dec 18 2005
keep workin'! - Jun 08 2005
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Jun 05 2005
The photo surely has a copyright. Check it before posting it here. Check the License first! GPL Not allowed if its copyrighted... - Jun 08 2005