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Dec 09 2018
Yeah, I must change the date everytime you release a new version.
I just introduced a new variable for the releasedate.

Now I only wonder: 2011/2/28 ??? - Jan 13 2012
Your README says:
Clarity Icon Theme is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
- Jan 09 2012
Hello! I made a PKGBUILD of this cool iconset which builds ALL colors in one package.

I also symlinked some icons from here to there to support some more apps. See PKGBUILD. I'd be glad if you could put some of these links in your package.

I still miss the following icons: wicd, HP-Device-manager, CUPS.

At last, I think I found an error in your makefile. In all actions for the different distros (arch,suse,fedora etc) you "ln" svg to png. Each last 3 lines seem to be wrong. - Jan 08 2012

Icon Themes
by jcubic

Score 79.7%
Jan 08 2012