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bonehead bonehead

Icon Sub-Sets 4 comments

by zeus
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Feb 09 2005
thank you! - Feb 09 2005

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Feb 06 2005
this is a very grainy image, the style is great though

if it was less grainy and say 1280x1024, this would be fantastic - Feb 07 2005
SystemG Classic

Metacity Themes 7 comments

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Feb 04 2005
omfg this is really nice! - Feb 04 2005
Gentoo GDM Round

GDM Themes 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 26 2005
i think this would look better without the gentoo text, or maybe with it kind of semi transparent over/behind the gentoo logo? - but through the middle of the oval rather than along the bottom

just looks a little odd

great set of themes you've done though, thanks - Jan 27 2005
Ubuntu GDM Round

GDM Themes 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Jan 26 2005
no disrespect to ubuntu - great distro

this would also look great with the gentoo logo in that circular bit though - Jan 26 2005

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

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Jan 24 2005
sorry my bad, they are stock icons only, for buttons e.t.c - they're displaying fine!

all i need now is that wallpaper from your screeny :) - Jan 24 2005
i cant get the icons to show up :(
there doesn't seem to be an index.theme for them
i did what the readme says - Jan 24 2005
the time you said it's taken to get the theme this far really shows - a very professional and polished looking theme

thanks :) - Jan 24 2005

GTK2 Themes 73 comments

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Sep 19 2005
this is a great theme, but i find the rollovers on the right-click menus and other menus really detract from the great buttons everywhere else

this really lets it down in my opinion

otherwise this is the best theme there is

(apart from the buttons for max/min/close on window titlebars) - Jan 22 2005
OMFG this is gorgeous!
and that wallpaper looks interesting?

the buttons/tabs look great - not too keen on your window border tho - looks like ana :( - Jan 14 2005
The Dark Portal

GDM Themes 7 comments

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Jan 18 2005
damn you
now you've given me more reason to buy a laptop for linux and install windows on my pc so i can play wow and thus my missus will leave me because she'll never see me anyway

see what you've gone and done - sure on the outside, this is just a gorgeous gdm theme - but beneath all that is something set to destroy the world of men

:) - Jan 19 2005
The Hoary Hedgehog :-)

Gnome Screenshots 2 comments

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Nov 30 2004
that's a well nice desktop!!!!

git! - Jan 17 2005

GTK2 Themes 12 comments

by Six
Score 50.0%
Mar 08 2005
omg thank you its gorgeous!
only prob with bz2 files was the files were nested 2 deep so i had to move the subfolders into my themes and icons directory - but who cares! these rock!! - Jan 13 2005
cant find lila blue on here or on lila homepage, looks sweet though - Jan 13 2005

GDM Themes 6 comments

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Sep 06 2004
i found a complimenting wallpaper at: - Nov 09 2004