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markus schmidt , Germany
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Jan 07 2013

Good to hear that! But it sounds strange that you had to reload your desktop environment first; actually it was designed to handle downloads and background updates without any flaw - especially under GNOME for what it was built and tested for in the first place. (btw. feel free to stultify my weird sentece constructions ,)

Just to clarify my thoughts: are the regular background updates working now? - Jan 01 2011

Ough.. since english is not my mother tongue my postings sometimes sound cautically. After reading my last one twice it feels a bit like that.

> It is not difficult to get full images of planetary bodies like mars and the moon. Try Nasa APOD.

Yes that's right. But xplanetFX is more than just a texture. The earth is built with about 7 or 8 layers of different renderings to get its depth (clouds, shadows, athmosphere, glow, reflections ...) and I watched a lot of movies and images to get a clue about its visual appearance in space. Okay, it's a lot of guessing involved but doing this with uranus will become a complete blind flight. Just one of the points. Another would be the sizing of the planets - the majority of themes would be totally useless. So as I said (obviously way too terse I think) there are a lot of reasons xplanetFX's concept is to render planet earth and to open or sharpen the mind for our mothership of some more people in the world. I made this point more clear in the description after reading your feature request to avoid confusion about this point.

> I am not that stupid ffs

I never wanted to sound like that, so I beg your pardon for my laconic answer. - Jan 01 2011
Oh wow, thanks a bunch!

I personally think perfect is just the subject, the software is far from beeing that.. but it works for now .) - Jan 01 2011
Hey jeddycakes,

thank you very much! I'm sorry to say that no other objects are planned for xplanetFX in the near future for different reasons between "hard time to get clouds images of pluto" and "develop some deep understanding about our own spaceship first". - Dec 31 2010

As sedaTurca says (thanks for the support!). But thanks for the bug report anyway, it is meant to always startup in english the first time - the default configuration was messed up. - Dec 31 2010

Which desktop environment are you using? - Dec 30 2010
Hey gallifrey81,

thanks! My conky stuff is available here:

You need conky-forecast for the wheather stuff: - Sep 05 2010
Hey! Why? it's dynamic and gets renewed every 24 hours. So feel free to attack ;) - Sep 03 2010
Oops.. to dense for the reply function m( answer below. - Sep 03 2010
Hey CruelAngel,

thank you! The templates are available under the blog adress displayed on top, namely (english) - Sep 03 2010
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Dec 12 2010
Yes I've noticed directly after posting... being able to read can be a great advantage sometimes ^^ - Nov 20 2010

...and aurora it seems? I installed this engine after my settings manager complained about.

Anyway.. it's a very good looking theme - thank you very much!

Kind regards, Markus. - Nov 19 2010
Drakfire Black

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Nov 19 2010

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