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May 05 2018
For anyone that wants a quick fix, I've got it to work like this:

Open the .lua file with notepad

Replace this string:


With this edited string:

io.write(" Now Playing: " .. item:metas()["now_playing"])

I'm playing music with an internet radio stream through vlc so I edited the radio section of the code but I think this will work with any of the playing methods. Just make sure to edit the right section of the code.

Hope it helps! - May 30 2018
Do you think it will be possible to implement a feature that lets the user edit the output of the string of text? For example, I would like to be able to display the song as:

Now Playing: Artist - Title

Also, the string just gets repeated right after eachother, without spaces like this:

Artist - TitleArtist - TitleArtist - Title

Even if only some space is added between the strings would be a huge improvement. Thanks!- - May 30 2018