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Ramon Antonio Parada A Coruña, Spain
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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Aug 03 2008
I misunderstood blog post. I thought it was about dropping things into existing applets that is not a killer feature but maybe useful. I creating a new applet when dropping into dashboard just as a related topic. - Aug 24 2008
I thought that second suggestion wouldn't be possible to do but seems I was wrong.

I have added a line to plasma-applet-quickaccess.desktop:


So when a drop a folder into the background a menu appears offering me the possibility to create a QuickAccess plasmoid. For getting it to work maybe you must implement any interface but shouldn't be hard to do (see FolderView).

Hope in the future we can drop applets to the panel but this is an step. - Aug 23 2008
It won't be avaliable until 4.2 but this is interesting:

Maybe possibility to (1) drop an image to be selected as icon or (2) drop a folder to be select as current directory.

Also it would be interesting the possibility of dropping a folder into the panel/dashboard as it currently happens with FolderView and Icon applets but maybe this must be hardcoded into plasma code. - Aug 23 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

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Aug 03 2008
If they were round each inactive tab would use more space so you would see less tabs. In that case KFirefox and Konqueror (4.1) have the same look. Those are the reasons.

thanks, many things still to be done. - Aug 06 2008
Could you, painkiller101 and koko2k, send me screenshots to - Aug 06 2008

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Jun 05 2008
Wasn't PeachyDock moved to official KDE proyect? Says it's now in playground.

And it is ( Would be very insteresting to see it in action. I think current TaskManager and SystemTray needs evolving. - Jul 24 2008