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Oct 01 2017
I use metaflac for FLAC, vorbisgain for Ogg Vorbis, and mp3gain for MP3. I don't use any other file formats.

Does that help ? - Jan 13 2011
Hi HessiJames, thanks for your reply and sorry for my late answer.

Would it be possible to add an option to choose between ID3v2 and APE tags (or both) when appying ReplayGain on MP3 files ?

Per default, mp3gain (at least since v1.5.2) writes APE tags (= mp3gain -s a), but I'm using Rockbox on my audio player which only reads ID3v2 tags (= mp3gain -s i). - Jan 13 2011
Hi HessiJames, and THANKS for your application ! So far, you're the only one who implemented per-tag album gain calculation instead of per-directory ! This is a killer feature for people like me who like their music organised by artist even when on compilations. :-)

However, I've noticed the following behaviour when soundKonverter encounters a filename with "*" in it :

Imagine track 1 to track 20 of the same compilation but different artists in several directories.

Let's say track 6 has a "*" in it's filename.

soundKonverter will calculate album gain :
- for track 1 to 5 altogether
- for track 6 alone
- for tracks 7 to 20 altogether

What can be noticed :
- filenames with "*" are treated isolatedly
- filenames with "*" make soundKonverter treat files before and after them as separate albums

One temporary workaround is of course to avoid "*" in filenames.

I've also noticed that tracks in different frequency are treated as different albums, even when sharing the same album tag.

Lastly, the ULTIMATE killer feature would be the ability to calculate album-gain even if file formats (for the same album) are different ! :-D
Just raving : I reckon your time is better spent coding more frequently useful stuff. ;-) - Dec 27 2010