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Jesper Brodersen
gentooooooo [Gentoo]

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Aug 10 2003
Cool, but can you make it in a higher resolution please? Really nice done, but a more pervasive version could also be nice. - Aug 11 2003
Xtreme-IceWM Themes

Ice-WM Themes 12 comments

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Jul 23 2003
not that childish at all ... as a graphics designer I couldn't agree more (at the designschool we all called it The Fisherprice System). Now to the contributor:

I like the graphics you have in production ... that is a nice touch to aqua ... selfmade or another copy (I don't care really)? - Jul 06 2003
magic sun

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Jul 05 2003
beautiful, but maybe the location is not that good ... try to go into the field and pick a shot. - Jul 05 2003
Klipart Stencil Collections

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 13 comments

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Sep 20 2003
maybe I am blind, but I see nothing different than the usual K-interface. Where should we look again? - Jul 05 2003

Various Stuff 6 comments

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Jun 14 2003
I have been looking for that idea for long now ... it would be nice to just have the top-bar, a transpearent content area and a resizer in the bottom. It is seen in movies like Minority Report. Too bad it is not possible (the transpearent content) yet, the other parts shouldn't be that hard? - Jun 14 2003
Is this possible to do this in a theme?

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 18 comments

by ra1n
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Mar 19 2003
yeah, I think you are somewhat right ... I don't have (maybe a little) programming skills, but the menu need some kind of adaption. If a pointed windows is open, still keep overlay. If you again open a window on the next, create a overlay with direction ... well, I told you I wasn't a programmer :) - Mar 19 2003
Slicker for the Determined ;-]

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 47 comments

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May 12 2003
damn, should learn to press [All] - Mar 16 2003
Gentoo Forums tells you how to make a fast one from cvs:

haven't tried it yet, but am going to in a minute :) - Mar 16 2003

Cursors 14 comments

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Mar 06 2003
I for one is really happy to see some work on the cursors in X, but I don't think it is directly linked to KDE, except when there are changes to the code.

anywho, it seems like the KDE-look team accepted them under the category: X11 Mouse Themes :) - Mar 06 2003
BeXOs Color!

Cursors 7 comments

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Mar 30 2003
I really like your first job, but since I ran 4.2.99 (on they to 4.3 :) I would like to see more candy, and you gave me that! The crossed circle is a bit anoying though, even that it is from KDE, I still have the feeling of windoze somewhere, but that is just my opponion. keep the heads up! - Mar 02 2003
HAL 9000 GDM Theme

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Feb 15 2003
how is this related to kde? there are homepages (freshmeat) that have categories for this ... I am sorry that I sound rude but if I want gnome/gdm stuff, I am not using kde-look. - Feb 16 2003
UI enhancement (KDE 3.1.3)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 139 comments

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Aug 07 2003
sorry for the hasle, maybe I should discuss with a pen and paper instead of filling this forum with self-helping words *grin*

This is really fantastic work, thanks! I cannot use the shadowconfig still, but editing in desktoprc was a charm :) - Feb 13 2003
sorry ... the file fxdatadesktop.h is in kdebase ... haven't seen it because of it didn't install (yet) - Feb 13 2003
I are having problem with compiling the shadowconf.

1. in .ui/shadowconfiguratorbase.cpp you have refered a include to your own home = easy to fix :)

2. in shadowconfigurator.cpp you a refering to fxdatadesktop.h. That was not in the patch and is not a part of kdelibs (I think)

3. for the kicker-replacements I gave up after a while ... found out the patch didn't do the job well, so I did it manually, it compile further, but got stuck at "undefined reference to" different files at kicker/applets/taskbar/

keep up the good work!! (I am sooo exited :) - Feb 13 2003