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Bruno Schmidt Marques
BSM Suite

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Jul 08 2009

I loved you comment, thanks a lot. I feel realize when I read posts like these.

And I have good news for you: the version 0.8 is almost finished. It will have all the old styles/colors, a new COMPACT style and a dark version of panels to all styles and colors. I'm using compact style right now, and it look very nice on small screens (like netbooks). The final package 0.8 will include about 48 default themes. (and some fixes to xfwm4)

I'm testing everything this weekend, and probably will upgrade the package next week. - Jul 05 2009
Hi. I include the old Soft BSM Metacity, renamed as BSM Classic.

Thanks for the comment. It's a pleasure make themes that make people happy. Please, vote it as good. - May 22 2009
2a gekos-iTunes (LEOPARD)

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Oct 16 2010
Hey, stop to update your themes without any change. Do you think that we're stupid? - Mar 06 2009

GTK2 Themes
by Poseidon-Orlando

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GTK2 Themes
by sph

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BSM Simple

GTK2 Themes
by brunomarquesbr

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