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Brian Sundman Vancouver, Canada
GTK3 Themes

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Feb 04 2016
I will probably start working on a new version for 15.10 near the end of December. Hopefully have a release some time in January :) - Dec 01 2015
Thanks :) yeah I definitely need to get a ppa set up soon. I think I'm going to try to figure it out tonight. - Feb 24 2015
Hi, the icons in the first screenshot are elementary. I have an other theme which is basically a light version of Yosembiance called Irradiance. it is not as up to date but will be caught up with this theme in the next few days. I am also planning on creating a blue version but do not have an ETA for that. - Feb 24 2015
I am using it on Ubuntu 14.10 which is gtk 3.12, I'm not sure if it will work with newer versions. - Nov 17 2014
I will try to take a look at it in xfce, but i'm sorry, I cannot promise anything right away. I am open to merging any contributions tho. - Nov 02 2014
I have just published the light version of this theme and called it Irradiance. - Oct 09 2014
I am currently working on other colour schemes. The first one will be more like Radiance and done some time tomorrow. - Oct 08 2014

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Feb 25 2015
docky, not plank - Dec 27 2014
These screenshots are Unity with Plank - Dec 27 2014
Thanks! - Oct 09 2014

Full Icon Themes
by dchris

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Jan 20 2016

Full Icon Themes
by dchris

Score 82.6%
9   Jan 20 2016