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Andrew H

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Oct 17 2013
Hi, many thanks for such a useful script. One thing that I have noticed is that if I attempt to use the slim, board or ring modes then I get the following error:
Conky: obj->data.i 2 info.cpu_count 1
Conky: attempting to use more CPUs than you have!
This is despite me running conky-colors with: conky-colors --ring --cpu=1 --network. I've looked at my conkyrc and it only contains references to CPU1, so why am I getting this error? Any ideas? - Apr 28 2012
elementary Pidgin

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Jun 01 2010
Actually, ignore that. I think that somehow I managed to overwrite the pixmaps folder in /usr/share for pidgin. After a reinstall of ubuntu 10.10RC, the problem no longer occurs. Sorry! - Oct 08 2010
Hi, I've just updated to Ubuntu Maverick, but Pidgin seems to be stuck on your theme. With the Ambient theme, even if I delete .purple from my home directory, your icon theme remains. Any idea why this might be? - Oct 08 2010