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Charles Bowman Bourne End, United Kingdom
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GTK3 Themes 15 comments

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Nov 20 2018
Thank you for the fav. - Nov 21 2018
Thanks a lot. - Nov 21 2018
That makes more sense now, thank you.
I'm trying to set up the git but keep getting an authentication failure. Any ideas on how to get past that? - Nov 21 2018
- Nov 21 2018
That's not what this says. "Source (required if based on other people's work): "
If that is not what you want then it needs to be worded differently. - Nov 21 2018
Darcwaita-Plus Icon Theme

Icon Themes 15 comments

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Dec 06 2018
Happy it's working for you again. - Nov 21 2018
I just uploaded a fresh one, it's possible there were some broken symlinks.
It's also possible that you've updated or changed installations since you used the original and the desktop files are now calling for a different icon name. Look inside the .desktop file and see what icon the application is looking for. If it's org,gnome.Nautilus (for example) and one doesn't exist find the nautilus (or whatever icon you like) and link, copy or rename it so an icon exists that the application is looking for. - Nov 20 2018
Dropbox does the same thing. Icon name & path are hardcoded.

Thanks. - Nov 10 2018
Open the .desktop file and see what icon it's looking for. Link, copy or rename the file in this set accordingly.
Gnome apps seem to be installed with some new icon naming convention.

I don't have Android Studio installed, but if you tell me what the change is I'll do an update so other users in the future don't encounter this problem. I ran into the same thing with gnome-boxes today. ;-) - Nov 10 2018
Cool. ;-) - Nov 10 2018

Icon Themes 16 comments

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Nov 21 2018
Thanks. - Nov 21 2018
You need to clarify this instruction: "Source (required if based on other people's work): " - Nov 21 2018

Gnome Shell Themes 27 comments

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Nov 26 2018
No problem. ;-) - Nov 19 2018
Open up conky-manager and it will find the files.
Doesn't have to be named .conkyrc. Put the entire DeviousPlotsInc folder inside your ~/.conky folder - Nov 19 2018
Thank you, and yes you can.
Open the gnome-shell.css and/or gtk-contained.dark.css in a text editor, sarch for radius and play with the values. For no radius a 0 (zero) can be used, if you want to change the value to something other than 0 make sure you add a px, i.e. 3px - Nov 11 2018
You are welcome. - Nov 06 2018
If you look in Files now you'll see a label for some conky configs. You can download it and do what you want with them. - Nov 06 2018
It's conky.

I've changed it some since but I'll put a bundle together and add it under Files.
- Nov 06 2018
Thanks, a little feedback goes a long way. - Nov 06 2018
I like to think so.
Thank you. - Oct 26 2018
Thank you. Much appreciated. - Oct 08 2018

Gnome Shell Themes 15 comments

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Nov 15 2018
Thanks a lot. ;-) - Nov 19 2018
Thank you. - Oct 29 2018
Thanks. It's good to have feedback. - Oct 15 2018

Gnome Shell Themes 43 comments

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Nov 24 2018
Thanks Paz. :-) - Nov 18 2018
Teaching people how to use conky goes beyond the scope of this comment section.
Have you tried putting : between the %H & %M ? - Nov 17 2018
LOL - Nov 16 2018
Alternatively you could open Cyanogen-system with Conky Manager, change Network to Ethernet, which will replace my wlp2s2 with eth0, then with your text editor change WIFI to LAN or ETHERNET, or whatever you want to call your connection.

I like the ability to monitor up & down speeds on my desktop personally. ;-) - Nov 16 2018
I can't explain conky in this comment section, but if you simply want to eliminate the WIFI information delete this from the Cyanogen-system file:
${color0}WIFI ${color1}${voffset -1}${color3}${font PizzaDude Bullets:size=11}O${font}${color1}${voffset -3.2} ${upspeed wlp2s2}${font} ${voffset -.7} ${color3}${font PizzaDude Bullets:size=11}U${color1}${font}${voffset -4.5} ${downspeed wlp2s2}${offset 25}

For fonts on Arch Linux, simply copy the included neuropol-x-free.regular.ttf file to /usr/share/fonts/TTF; open a terminal as root in that directory and enter:
mkfontscale && mkfontdir

There's a link in the product description that goes into more depth if you want to look at that. - Nov 16 2018
No problem. What did you come up with? - Nov 16 2018
Cool. Thank you very much. - Nov 15 2018
And when I say search & replace I mean every instance in the document, not just those specific entries. - Nov 14 2018
OK, but the overall "look" sort of assumes a dark background.
That said, this is what you do:
Open up gtk-contained-dark.css and near the bottom you'll see something like this
/* GTK NAMED COLORS ---------------- use responsibly! */
widget text/foreground color */
@define-color theme_fg_color #2BB5C9;
text color for entries, views and content in general */
@define-color theme_text_color #35E0FA;
Using the search and replace feature of your editor replace those values in the document with colors of your choice.
I do suggest that you change them to a color that doesn't exist so you can do global changes in the future.
I'm not sure if it's the foreground color or the text color that Nautilus 3.28 uses to display text but changing the values of one of those should get you what you want.

I may look at trying to change some text shadows here to help make the green standout better but not certain how successful I'll be. Cheers! - Nov 14 2018
I found the original here
But I put a copy of the one I customized in Files for download. - Nov 14 2018
Sorted. After taking your comment into account I realized that other people may have the same request but they didn't want to ask. ;-) - Nov 13 2018
For which part? The Gtk theme is from gtk & gtk3 (Adwaita), the shell theme is from gnome-shell.
I had the option of one link, so it's a link to GNOME Gitlab.

The icons are available as an optional download and I'm not inclined to put them in a separate category as yet.
The icon theme was derived from Sardi Ghost Flexible, with some additions and improvements I've made over the past couple years. - Nov 13 2018
You could also change the font to one that works best for you.
With Neuropol X I had to increase the size to make it legible for me, but if you're using a small monitor you may have a style of font that scales down and remains legible. - Nov 13 2018
Thanks. What DE are you using it on? Because Gnome 3.30, at least the Arch Linux version doesn't give me the option to show icons on the desktop. I have to use an extension for that and it's rather limited. - Nov 13 2018
Reducing the calendar size requires that the font size be reduced, frankly I'm not planning to customize font sizes just for the calendar.

You can reduce the global font size which will scale down most everything. I'm old, my eyes aren't what they used to be & I use a large monitor. ;-)

But adjust this and see if you can find a happy medium for you (gnome-shell.css)
stage {
font-family: Neuropol X, Cantarell, Sans-Serif;
font-size: 10pt; - Nov 13 2018
Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement. - Nov 12 2018
It's coming along. - Nov 10 2018
Thanks. - Nov 10 2018
Much appreciated. - Nov 09 2018

Gnome Shell Themes 4 comments

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Oct 24 2018
Thanks, glad you like it. - Nov 08 2018
Thank you. :-) - Nov 08 2018

Icon Themes 11 comments

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Nov 27 2018
;-) - Oct 26 2018
Thanks. ;-) - Oct 10 2018
Much appreciated. - Oct 10 2018
That's what I thought. Bright flashy icons just don't look good on dark desktops, at least not in my mind. ;-) - Oct 09 2018
Savile Row

Gnome Shell Themes 28 comments

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Nov 03 2018
Thank you Paz. ;-) - Oct 26 2018
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Nov 26 2018

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9   Nov 24 2016
White chips

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9   Sep 23 2016

Gnome Shell Themes
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9   Sep 18 2016
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9   Jan 24 2016