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Jan 21 2015
Search the fullpath to the exe of vlc, and type it in the console. (I have not a computer on windows to test) - Nov 02 2015
hum… if I correctly understand, it doesn't work anymore on VLC 2.0.8.

As you said it has work on VLC 2.0.8 (I have this extension for this version), so without a complete error message I can't find why it crash VLC.
Can you try to launch VLC from a console, and view if the message is show on it.
Have you try to delete the config folder of VLC (somewhere in your personal folder in AppData), then reinstall the extension? - Nov 01 2015
I am sorry but I can't test on vlc 2.2.1 just now because I am under xubuntu 12.04.
I wait the next xubuntu LTS to upgrade so you will wait before I can test and check if I can correct the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience and tank you for your message. - Oct 30 2015
Hi, I'm sorry but VLC have a bad documentation of his API, I haven't more links than you for that. - Mar 12 2015
After some research the VLC developers have removed few important callback from lua API, which this extension was relying on.
So you can downgrade to VLC 2.0.8 (stable) or upgrade to VLC 2.2 (pre release) - Jan 21 2015
Which version of vlc do you use? - Jan 19 2015
The update correct the bug - Apr 17 2014
Hum, there is a bug, I work on.
I'm under Xubuntu 12.04, vlc 2.0.8 (I have many random crash of vlc with any extension).

Thank's for your report - Apr 17 2014