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cage johnny

GTK2 Themes 14 comments

Score 65.6%
Dec 19 2010
really thanks for considering my request and this is a suprise, with in one day you made xfwm4 theme and released it as update.when i first saw it today evening i am completely suprised.Before you released the xfwm4 theme i was using orange door hing(xfwm4) theme it did not fit in the place(i had to adjust with that odd look) but now i am completely satisfied and though there are some icons missing in acyl icon theme it has 90% of all icons that are used in no problem with may if time permits you try to port acyl completely for xfce(just hoping)

thanks for making xfwm4 request - Aug 19 2009
i have been using this terminus theme in my xfce but i havent found any XFWM4 theme that matches this please consider my request

i checked this entire site but i did not find it

once again terminus with acyl icon theme rocks
- Aug 17 2009
you simply rock
perfect combination
been looking for a long time for this
you have a real taste of a cyberpunk

keep it up

- Aug 04 2009
The Quickening Project

Full Icon Themes 9 comments

Score 38.0%
May 13 2007
waiting for more of your work
you showed the beauty of simplicity
keep up - Aug 04 2009

GTK2 Themes
by Dawei87

Score 65.6%
Aug 19 2009