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george mayfield

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Sep 23 2010
I'm not getting the font to show up. What's it called? If it's Azenis, it's not in my icon list. - Dec 04 2010
Azenis Usplash

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Aug 30 2009
^ this - Dec 03 2010
Ubuntu sunrise plymouth

Plymouth Themes 30 comments

by dinin
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Sep 07 2010
Doesn't work on my laptop, either. I dl'ed a fresh deb from this site for it, too. :( - Sep 06 2010
I installed with .deb first, then switched when I went through the terminal instructions to see if it would work. I also tried the original, more reddish version, that this one came from with the same result.

I'm using a Dell Inspirion Laptop with Nvidia. I guess it's 3 years old. I haven't tried it on my 1 y/o dell laptop yet. - Sep 06 2010

This is my first time changing the startup screen, but I used the deb package. When my computer starts up now, It doesn't look like the picture; it's missing most of the purple and looks really pixelated. basically, I get a grayish blob that moves to the form that it is supposed to.

here is a screenshot of the folders and terminal. Is there a problem somewhere? - Sep 05 2010
Nautical Mile

Cursors 2 comments

by KuduK
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Jun 11 2009
just what I was looking for. - Sep 05 2010