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Jan 21 2006
Lately I was trying to commit files to the sourceforge cvs server. The bad point is, it didn't work for reasons that I do have to understand.
Anyway ... interested people can have a look at the new design at , while I'm trying to solve this cvs problem. - Feb 17 2006
this would be an idea indeed. Thanks for the proposal.
Besides that I've decided to change to a monolithic interface. I'll try to release a new version in the next two weeks after I've passed my last exams. I'll integrate at least a flip and mirror function. The rotate option may come later as I'd like to provide an acceptably fast version. - Feb 17 2006
in a way yes, but providing packages that may work with the main distributions helps and eases spreading. - Jan 21 2006
if I had space... - Jan 21 2006
I've tried to fix the packages. The problem is, I've no way to check if they're working or not, as I'm running a gentoo. I just hope it works! - Jan 19 2006
it's possible that the permissions on the GursorMaker folder cited above are wrong, they should be 0755, so while I'm trying to fix the packages you can do a chmod 0755 and it should be ok. - Jan 19 2006
which package did you install?
do you have a folder named GursorMaker in /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/ or /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/ ? - Jan 19 2006