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charly ghislain

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Oct 01 2017
You were right about that broken file, its strange im sure i used to listen to it a lot... I got it back and it was successfully converted with the same filename. - Jun 21 2011

Thank you for fixing this!

Concerning the FAT file names, it seems it depends on the output mode.
In the screenshot below, first file was with specified output path, second one was with copied directory structure. Notice that only in the first file the ? is replaced; and notice the inverted question mark is kept as it. - Jun 21 2011

I use your apps since some time now, very useful, thank you!
I use the latest version from your opensuse repository. There is still some issue with some filenames, apparently using ` ' and $ in their path/name. You can find some there :

Also, the option 'convert to FAT-compatible name' doesn't seem to work, i have a file named "12 ┬┐Que Dices?.mp3" after conversion.

And as a suggestion, the ability to remove some column (output file is redundant when copying structure) or resize/move them around would be great!


Charly - Jun 16 2011