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John Doe

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Aug 03 2009
Oh, God...
Look: "gtk-engine murrine-0.90.3" now in development section (future Fedora 12). When Fedora 12 comes out (early November) it will be in release section. Until then it will be available from my Dropbox.
So "... until it is not available in release section." - Jul 14 2009
Good job, but u got me wrong.
I will keep it until it isn't in main repo (until Fedora 12 comes out). After that it can be easily download from one of the mirrors.

P.S.: Sorry if it's me - English is not my native language. - Jul 14 2009
Sorry for that (permanent link).
I've placed it on my Dropbox and I'll keep it until it isn't in main repository.
Here is the link:
Please, post this again. - Jul 13 2009
Victor, if u think this appropriate, add that Fedora users can install Murrine 0.90,3 engine via this RPM: (x32) or (x64).
It's name says that is for Fedora 12, but it matches Fedora 11 and (maybe) earlier versions. - Jul 05 2009

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Oct 07 2009
Thanks. - Jul 05 2009
One more question...
I'm trying to shoose color for GTK-theme that matches the icon one... What color are you mainly used for Blue? #547AB3? Wrong? - Jun 29 2009
Thanks for that.

But what about version 1.1? Should I forget about it? - Jun 27 2009
Great! What GTK theme is using on screenshot with Blue version? Looks pretty nice.

And when version 1.1 will come out? Erectus 1.1 is ready. - Jun 25 2009
Paper World

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Jun 25 2009
Where is the Antarctica, dude? - Jun 25 2009