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Glass Icons Theme

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Jul 27 2007
very thanks for the positive feedback!

the new version of icons-theme is near to go public... stay-tune! - Feb 24 2006
@dvc -> which version of librsvg you use? Distro?

I use 2.9.5, on Gentoo.

I look you file, but I not have any problem... How I can find the bugs? - Dec 06 2005
Ola! Prima vorrei finire il tema, poi farò delle varianti.

Hi! First of all, I prefer to finish the theme, after I make a variations. - Dec 06 2005
Thanks, I agree, the svg is the future for icons! - Dec 06 2005
Thanks! - Dec 06 2005
you need to attend the nex release... I have the same your problem! - Dec 04 2005
lo so, non mi sono venute bene, ma avevo fretta di fare l'upload...ho già molte idee per sistemarle..

I know, are not very good... but I don't have much time for upload... - Dec 04 2005
Grazie! Ma non è talento... è solo che alle trasparenze non ci aveva pensato nessuno! Bè, il tema completo c'è...guarda il mio profilo.

Thanks! Not talent... only nobody had used the transparencies!
For the complete theme... look my profile. - Dec 04 2005
very sorry for a lot of problem...

whit next release I hope to correct this problems. sorry! - Dec 04 2005
Thanks! - Dec 04 2005
yes, the icons theme need a lot of work before are "full usable".

I hope to correct the bugs and add all gtk-icons as soon as possible. - Dec 04 2005
il tema è il mio GTK Alphacube.
The theme is my GTK Alphacube. - Dec 04 2005
Thanks!!! The trasparency is a features discovery for mistake... - Dec 03 2005
Thanks!! - Dec 03 2005
Grazie! Ma ci devo lavorare ancora parecchio!

Thanks! But needed a lot of work! - Dec 03 2005
no... no.. but thanks for the compliments! - Dec 03 2005
Thamks!! - Dec 03 2005
sorry... any idea? - Dec 03 2005
Alphacube GDM Themes

GDM Themes 32 comments

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Nov 16 2005
and where? any suggestions? - Dec 06 2005
yes, in the future. - Nov 16 2005
the second background image used is this: - Nov 16 2005

from root terminal launch "gdmsetup" and then chose tab "themed greeter" and "install new theme"

but... wait one hour, when I upload new version, 0.4! - Nov 16 2005
Thanks! - Nov 13 2005
in the nex release I add the hostname.

(very good your GDM!) - Nov 13 2005

my screenshot is only an example. - Nov 09 2005
Yes, the new version (0.3) have a lot of new "login" image, and new background, but you need to wait some days for the upload... sorry.

thanks! - Nov 08 2005
Alphacube Metacity Theme

Metacity Themes 80 comments

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Dec 06 2005
I recive your "update".. tomorrow I upload new version. - Dec 04 2005
i have correct whit your suggestion, but, but, but, I don't like when the buttons are "attacht" at the border in full screen mode, I change the distance from 10px to 2 px.

thanks a lot for the help! - Dec 02 2005
thanks!!! - Dec 01 2005
I not have this bugs... look here:

you are sure to have deleted the old version before to install the new version? - Dec 01 2005
is the new maximized state. to have a full screen window. - Dec 01 2005

for the icons theme... you will not have to wait for much time, I am working. - Nov 23 2005
ok, thanks, now I understand! I have correct whit your suggestions, in the next release add this feature. (and add a full transparent top bar) - Nov 23 2005
is my incons-theme, at the moment is in beta-test. - Nov 20 2005
I'dont remember where I download it... probabily at deviantart... - Nov 20 2005
sorry, but I dont speek very well english... I can't expalin well... - Nov 20 2005
umm... the new update have a maximized state. - Nov 20 2005
sorry, but at the moment the icons theme is in beta test. - Nov 20 2005
Thanks!!! - Nov 16 2005
yes... good idea! in the next release I add this feature! - Nov 14 2005
Alphacube GTK Theme

GTK2 Themes 25 comments

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Nov 07 2005
hi!, I have reply in metacity 3rd. - Dec 01 2005
if you download my GDM theme, you can find the background.

the window decoration: - Dec 01 2005
I use gentoo linux, but to use this theme, you need lauch "gnome-theme-manager" from terminal and then import gz file. - Nov 11 2005
Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 GDM

GDM Themes 4 comments

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Nov 13 2005
Good work!! - Nov 13 2005
Score 50.0%
Nov 12 2005
Very Good work! - Nov 13 2005
Photo Glass

Gnome Screenshots 4 comments

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Nov 12 2005
sorry, but at the moment is in beta-test... - Nov 12 2005
etiquette-glass is my icons theme, but at the moment is only in beta-test. - Nov 12 2005