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VLC Extensions 10 comments

by tim89
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Sep 13 2014
Can somebody help me where can I find a keycode list for the key IDs in the code? Like what stands for shift+h etc. What can I use here?
is it possible to give global hotkeys for this? How?

How, and what should I modify to get the "video filename, return, ---" to the clipboard if its possible. ( for markdown) - Mar 09 2017
in the readme file there was 2.0.x or later I think. Sorry if the version info here was already correct when I asked this question. - Mar 09 2017
Thank you. This solved the problem. A friend searched for the solution and found that some function in the code doesn't work with versions from 2.1, as an option had been removed. With Vlc 2.0.8 it works perfectly. - Mar 09 2017
Could somebody help me how can I use this extension? I've copied the file to the extension folder, and after clicking in the view menu the extension name (activating) I tried the shift+c shortcut, but there's nothing in the clipboard. Is there anybody who used this extension succesfully? - Mar 06 2017