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David Rodriguez Toa Baja, Puerto Rico
New Wave

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Dec 14 2009
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the recommended compiz settings you provide could "break" some people's desktop. I think you enable the blur effects and at least for me, it caused every window to turn completely black after bootup. I had to reset all gnome settings from the terminal before login. At first I didn't know what caused the problem but a few minutes ago I enabled blur and the same thing happened again.

I just wanted to let you know since some people my experience this same problem. Keep up on the great work on the theme, it has been my main theme since before it was included in Jaunty! - Aug 27 2009

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Aug 03 2009
ok I get. Thank you very much for such a fast reply and most of all thanks for the explanation!

I always thought the nearly unreadable text in new wave was a problem with the theme itself when handling firefox and not vice versa. I had also forgotten of that since I've been using the Persona Firefox extension which uses skins on FF to create different "themes". With that the menu always looks the same no matter what theme I choose. I'm using the Abstract Black skin right now which looks should try it!

anyway thanks again for the explanation and keep up the excellent work! - Jul 16 2009

First of all, kudos on such a great theme. I've been using shiki for a while now (icons and gtk theme) and I'm always amazed at how complete it is.

Recently I was introduced to the New Wave theme and it has been my main theme for a few months now. I think both themes are great in their own ways but one thing I really got used to in New Wave is the white menu background (as when you click on places, system, applications etc.)

I think it's great because you have the benefits of a dark theme but also can have white menus which I find more elegant and subtle. Is there a way to implement that in the shiki suite of themes?

thanks! - Jul 16 2009

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Apr 09 2009
Nice update! lots of new icons (gnome-do!) thanks for such a nice theme and keep up the good work! - Apr 08 2009
These icons are great and they fit my current desktop perfectly. I'm using a hand-drawn black and white sketch as a background. If only it had a gnome-do icon. I'm using the new docky appearance of gnome-do and while in docky there is an icon for gnome-do that's always present in the dock. so far, no icon theme has an icon for gnome-do :( - Feb 09 2009
New Wave

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by dilomo

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May 16 2009

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Apr 26 2009