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Dec 10 2009
Thanks for the delete/quit advice. For some reason I didn't notice the delete option in the menu until now. I must have accidentally started three instances the first time I opened the screenlet, and having quit instead of delete the extras they showed up again every time it started. Doesn't explain the mysterious grey rectangle, but that seems to have disappeared all enigmatic like since the last time I posted anyway. Hopefully he won't be back. - Sep 19 2010
Update: Problem persists despite fresh install. Grey rectangle appears every time now. I've discovered the cover art will fetch on only one of the the three instances. So fetching works provided I wait for one of them to fetch and close the two that don't. - Sep 17 2010
Update: The problem still occurs but now occasionally when it starts up it also creates a grey rectangle roughly 200x200 pixels just underneath the gnome menu in the top left corner of the screen. All windows except the screenlet seem to fall underneath the rectangle, but I can drag the screenlet on top of it. Clicking and right clicking the rectangle produces no result. Closing the screenlet gets rid of it though. The covers are also no longer being fetched, the magnifying glass icon is just there perpetually. I'm going to try removing the files and reinstalling the screenlet. I'll let you know how that goes. - Sep 17 2010
The screenlet works great, but whenever I start it it creates three instances for some reason and I have to close the two extras manually so it doesn't hog memory unnecessarily. I'm not sure what info regarding my system is relevant and what isn't, but I'm running a more or less clean install of Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 (Very few packages beyond the defaults.) and I created the album art folder as instructed. Other than the duplicate problem it works perfectly. Although it seems to pull covers from the internet regardless of whether there is a cover in the corresponding music folder. That's not a problem per se, but I like to save my own covers to the hard drive and use them so if that feature is a possibility in a future update that would be wonderful. - Sep 17 2010