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Security 36 comments

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Nov 06 2005
what do you think of storing the password file on a smartcard? The complete file, not only the masterkey!

I got several passwords for me an my customers. But I never sit in front of a single computer. But I got my smartcard with me...

Which way should it be implemented. (I took a look at it. I think I could do it)

Should there be an additional Filemenu-Entry:
* Read from smartcard
* Save to smardcard
When using my passwords, I could save them to disk by mistake. :(
But it would be easy to load a password file an then store it on the smartcard.

Or should it be in the configuration menu, a checkbox: "Don't save to disk but save to smartcard".
Not sure about this.

The password data would be saved to the private pin-protected area of the smartcard. Should the data still be password protected?
What do you think?

Kind regards
Cornelius - Sep 06 2006
Would be nice to store all the passwords on a smartcard (pkcs11)

Cornelius - Jan 13 2006

Video Apps 20 comments

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Apr 01 2006
rightclick on the transcode tab background or use Ctrl-S - Mar 16 2006
Have you tried to change the "tools" on the transcode tab from mpeg to kvcd?
Maybe it is not at the right place in the gui.

I appreciate to hear, that this program was helpful for you such a long time :-)

Hope you'll like 0.8.5

Cornelius - Jun 18 2005
I was asked this some time ago.
But I will have to do some code rewrite (which is on my roadmap), so it will be easier for _somebody_ to integrate it into k3b.

It is open source.

I never got familiar with using k3b, so my ambition isn't that high! :-)

Moreover, kavi2svcd is no burning program. It is a conversion program.

So, to keep a long story short: I will not do it within one or two years.

Cornelius - Apr 25 2005
now the file is available.
Sourceforge had problems with its upload-server.

Sorry for this inconvinience.

Cornelius - Jan 18 2005
Hi Queen,

have you tried to do a automake and autoconf?

Cornelius - Jan 12 2005
hi again,

see this image.

You can enter the audio and video bitrate and it will calculate the file size of the video.

You can either enter the file size you want to produce and it will fill in the video bitrate.

But the prediction of the filesize is not 100% reliable.

Cornelius - Oct 25 2004
If you use the context menu on the transcode tab, you can insert subtitles...

feel free, to test it! :-)
Cornelinux - Oct 13 2004

Security 4 comments

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Jun 01 2005
how can I compile it?

Are you still working on this project?

Cornelius - Mar 07 2006

Network 129 comments

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May 25 2010
I can give you an example.

Unfortunately I am not on the Linuxtag. But I am on the Cebit at the aladdin booth (somewhere in Hall 7) all the time. know: smartcards.
If you are there, too, just drop by!

I got a running openvpn config there to show. When I got some time again, I will forward you this example...

True: It might be a bit tricky with the PIN for the smartcard, that is supposed to be entered at the command line. - Mar 05 2006
since version 2 beta x openvpn is able to support smartcards via pkcs11.
These are just about 5 options in the config file.

There will be a password prompt at the command line, to enter the PIN of the smartcard.

When will kvpnc support this?

Kind regards
Cornelius - Mar 01 2006

Security 26 comments

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Mar 15 2008
Would be nice, if the passwords could be stored on a smartcard.

Cornelius - Jan 13 2006

Music Production 57 comments

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Feb 21 2016
Ah, I found it in the prefs.

A note on the error box would be nice, to higher the values in the preferences.

Cornelius - Dec 06 2004

it compiles fine. But when I try to load a "small" 1 Gig file, it tells me, there is not enought memory.

So I have to go to buy some new ;-)

What is the limit?

Cornelius - Dec 06 2004

Utilities 227 comments

by trueg
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Jun 30 2010
Actually I never really managed to reliably burn a CD with k3b :-( - Oct 10 2004