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Mar 18 2005

Already a correction there. It should be 'QSpacerItem', rather than the lesser spotted 'QSpacer'.

cvt - Oct 03 2004
I downloaded the whole of the kdemultimedia source distribution and couldn't find directorylistbase.cpp. That said, I have had the same problem with other applications. The way I solved those, was to open
the header file relating to the cpp source file, in this case, probably directorylistbase.h. I then declared the variable that the compiler was complaining about. In this case the compiler seems to complaining about rightColumnSpacer. Without us telling the compiler what rightColumnSpacer is, the compiler wouldn't know what to do with that variable. A bit like asking someone to pick they're favourite. They're favourite of what?! So in the header file I would find a list of control declarations. They would normally look something like this...

QLabel *label1;
QLabel *label2;
QLabel *label3;

I would then add the missing control. In our case it is rightColumnSpacer, so add

QSpacer *rightColumnSpacer;

Now the compiler knows that the variable 'rightColumnSpacer' is infact a pointer to a QSpacer object.

Try compiling again. You may find the compiler would complain about a different missing spacer object.

As I said though, I downloaded the full source distribution for kdemultimedia, ran './configure' in the top-level folder, followed by 'make && su -c "make install" in the juk folder, without any problems, so if fiddling with the source
seems like too much of bother, and let's
face it, it souldn't be required, you could try downloading the full sources here...

I hope this helps at least a bit.

Best of luck
cvt - Oct 03 2004