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Sep 05 2017
Hey Blueice,

Were you able to fix the "HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden" error using the updated plugin? or any other way? I am still getting the 403 error.
- Mar 19 2018
Unfortunately, this add-on stopped working (showing only one item).

As a workaround, you can do it manually:
1. Open your playlist page in Youtube. e.g.
2. Open the source code of page. If you dont know how, google "open source code of page in "
3. Select all texts (using Ctrl-A) and paste it to a text editor. Notepad ++ is a good option here:
4. Find the line containing {"url":"/watch?v= text. If you dont know how, use the following guide:
5. Replace {"url":"/watch with \n If you dont know how, see: This step effectively makes a multiline text file. Each line contains a video URL in your playlist.
6. Now cleanup the file to have only one URL in each line and nothing else.
7. Final step is to add #EXTM3U in the first line of this file.
8. You are done. Just save the text file as My_Playlist.m3u and you can open it on VLC.

Note: Your final file should look like:


- Jan 04 2018