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Mark Drake
Remember position

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Jul 12 2014

Ran a 2 hour film with the current position being recorded right to the very end.
Ran the film again with Remember position turned off.
Activated the extension and the film jumped to the end of the film and finished.

The record was not deleted in the pos.txt file when the position recording was active and the film had reached the end.

Pos record elapsed and total seconds?
["Film name.mp4"] = 7442.710,

Crumbley. - Aug 06 2014
Loaded VLC
Ticked Resume Position
Loaded media file - went directly to remembered position
Played for 5 minutes
Loaded a second media file
Loaded interface Debug Logging
Error occurring every 10 seconds = lastsavepos not calculated due to being nil value, line 97. - Aug 04 2014
Got it to work under Windows 7 64bit.

I've taken the easy way out;I've gone back to VLC version 2 0 8.

Only one wish list item left.

By default, could it go to the remembered position when starting a media file rather than defaulting to the beginning?

That would mean that if the user wants to start a media file at the beginning when it had been started at the remembered position then they would need adjust the position slider to the beginning.

Normally I would like to listen to an audio book file from where I left off and only very rarely would I need to start the audio file from the beginning again.

These files can be ten or more hours long and I tend to listen in half hour sessions.

Impressive coding. Not over complicated functionality. Well done.

- Aug 03 2014
The Remember Position flag setting should only be changed by the user and should survive VLC being closed etc.

If set to activate should stay that way for ever more or until a user changes it. - Aug 03 2014
I run VLC version 2.1.4 under Windows 7 on a 64 bit machine and Remember Position doesn't work.

It installs correctly and appears in the VLC view drop down list but I can't get the entry to react to mouse clicks.

VLC Resume Media V2 now runs OK under Window 7 64 bit so Remember Position may need the same solution.

How do I run Remember Position in debug mode to see if I can detect where the program is going wrong?

Wish list...

Can the Remember Position be made to work like the Video Resumer 1.1.3 addon in Firefox?

Basically at the start of every media file being played check the Remember Position flag. If the Remember position flag is not ticked start at the beginning of the media file.

If the Remember Position is ticked then see if the media file has an entry in a work file and start at the remembered position.

If no entry for that file then create an entry.

Record position in the work file every three seconds.

If media file position is within five seconds of the end of the media file then delete workfile entry.

- Aug 03 2014
Remember position

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by augustbering

Score 58.6%
9   Aug 03 2014