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Oct 09 2015
If you will pm me to my email address I will send you 16.10 and Mint 18.1 usb thumb drives. Just send me your mailing address! Thanks,

crust-may the penguin be with you! - Dec 27 2016
bluedxca93, This is a beautiful theme which I used on my 15.04 desktop. Is there any chance you could port this theme over to GTK3.20? If so I would be willing to support it as with aero experimental, Thanks, crust-may the penguin be with you! - Dec 23 2016
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Dec 12 2016
hi bluedxca93, this theme is really taking off. Since beta 1 I noticed that on Ubuntu Mate 16.10 now when I hover over the tool tips they are a nice yellow with a black boarder, nice fix! Thanks for your hard work, getting themes to work on GTK3.20 is not easy, but this looks great.

crust, may the penguin be with you! - Dec 13 2016
bluedxca93, this is another beautiful theme. I tried it on Ubuntu Mate 16.10 and it works very well. A couple problems which are not show stoppers:
When hovering over the navigation bars the popup is a flat black with no border. The popup from your aero experimental theme (yellow with a black border looks better) The progressbar is nice, but I prefer the progressbar from WinXP better, (personal preference) again. This is nice, keep up the good work.

crust-may the penguin be with you! - Dec 06 2016
aero experimental

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Aug 28 2016
@elbullazul, thank you for your reply. You may download the Luna2GTK3+ icon package at this link:

This will solve the problem of some icons being huge on some themes.
crustbucket-may the penguin be with you! - Nov 27 2016
Yes, I will try to upload Luna2 by the end of the week. It usually fixes the problem of too large icons on some GTK3+ desktops.

Crustbucket-may the penguin be with you! - Nov 26 2016
Thanks for your reply, bluedxca93. I used this code to get the segmented progressbar from winXP:
I noticed you had a "assets" folder and that you had some "url" settings in your code. So I made a .png called "block" and put it in the gtk3.22 "assets" folder using this code from the gtk3.0 folder of a Windows XP theme that works on gtk3.0 Like this:

border-image: url("assets/progressbar-horizontal-trough.png") 6 7 6 7 / 6px 7px 6px 7px stretch;
background-image: url("assets/block.png")

After changing all the code regarding the progressbar I ended up with a segmented green progressbar like windows XP. I didn't know that you could have a URL in gtk3.22 css3 code. That helps a lot.
I have ported the win7 icons over to GTK3.20 if you would like I can upload them to include in this theme.
Thanks, crust

Thanks - Nov 21 2016
This is beautiful, thank you for your great work. Running it on Ubuntu Mate 16.10. Could you give me some insight on how to change the progressbar to the type used in Windows XP, ie same color with segmented blocks?

Thanks, Crust - Nov 19 2016