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Andrew Crouthamel
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Metacity Themes

Crisp Blue

Metacity Themes May 28 2005
Score 50%
50 Dislikes
GTK2 Themes

Clearlooks Crystal

GTK2 Themes May 28 2005
Score 56%
44 Dislikes

Individual Icons/-sets 76 comments

by saki
Score 75%
25 Dislikes
Nov 20 2005
Very clean, crisp icon set. Looking forwarrd to the final release.
:) - Sep 19 2005
Crystal Clear for GNOME

Individual Icons/-sets 25 comments

Score 75%
25 Dislikes
Aug 04 2005
I just downloaded the file off the server and looked at the index.theme file. All was well.

Your download might have gotten corrupted. - Aug 06 2005
I see what you mean about the blue folders; not quite sure why it's set up like that (it does it in KDE too). Will fix for final release. - Jul 24 2005
Just so you know, I've moved the file off of; I got a notice the my allocated bandwidth for the month is almost used up, so this file would've become unavailable in the next few days anyway.

A new mirror will be posted soon. Stay tuned. - Jul 15 2005
I noticed blurriness on certain icons (the back and forward arrows, for example, seem to be fine), and I will look into why they look like that.

If it can be remedied, I will do so before the final release. - Jul 12 2005
Yes, the original release was for KDE.

We ported it. - Jul 12 2005
I downloaded it and got a corrupted archive (maybe something happened to it on the server) so I just re-uploaded. - Jul 12 2005
File should be alright now. - Jul 12 2005
It appears that the uploaded file is broken; I will upload a replacement ASAP.

Sorry for the problems. :( - Jul 12 2005
Crystal SVG Icons

Individual Icons/-sets 4 comments

Score 67%
33 Dislikes
May 28 2005
This iconset was built when GNOME 2.6 was new.

We are working on a new version that will use some of the nifty changes in GNOME 2.10. - May 29 2005