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Xu Kun Shanghai, China
Amarok 1.x Scripts
BPM Detect

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Jul 11 2007
Could you tell me where to get the "FMOD Ex"? - May 23 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 8 comments

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Dec 04 2007
Sorry,June 23th. - May 18 2007
Thank you for teaching me.But I think there will be no time for me to do this until CET6 at June 26th.The test is very important for me,and I must pass it. - May 18 2007
I found out that amarok sometimes regard images in the directory as album cover but sometinmes not.Any how,the script can't descide if the image is correct album cover.I think we may need a gui notification to let users make choices.It is indeed a hard work for me and may take a long time cause I don't know how to write a pyqt or pygtk or wxpython script.
For now,I recommend manually set the album cover to avoid overwriting:) - May 09 2007
I dont't know how a image is recognized as cover image by amarok yet.Will you provide me some more information?Such as,what's the file name of your image?Is it named "cover.jpg" or other? - May 09 2007