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Jeremy Jeremy Wilkins Saskatoon, Canada

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 703 comments

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Dec 23 2019
What is your system configuration? You mentioned suse 10.1 and kde 3.1, but your current configuration is more important. - Jan 30 2007
I think this app is great like everyone else, but I ran into an annoying problem that I'm sure others have run into as well. Whenever a window has focus and you move your mouse down to the dock, the zoom mode activates, but the graphics is hidden under the active window.
This bothered me for some time and I even tried to force keep window on top in the window settings. This did not work until I changed the window type to 'standalone menu'. So a suggestion I have would be to give an option to change the dock to a 'standalone menu' type window and keep it on top. Now even my auto-hide functionality doesn't have ksmoothdock obscured anymore. - Jan 30 2007
Check the info at the top of the page... It says that kde 3.5.5 breaks ksmoothdock. And actually in my experience it is specifically with regards to parabolic zooming. When I switch to normal mode it works fine. BTW. (To the designer) Do you have plans to create a workaround for us poor kde 3.5.5 users. I upgraded without realizing that my main program (ksmoothdock) was incompatible. When it didn't work I came here to find a fix to my dismay. If you need an extra hand, I am not a stranger to programming and I have a vested interest in this program. Send an email to: wjeremy at shaw dot ca - Jan 07 2007

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by knorr
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Oct 29 2006
I am truly very impressed with this program after trying it out. All the other programs I have tried would crash very often or fail at strange and unexpected times, or were very difficult to learn and master. Certainly not something you can afford in a production environment. This program worked perfectly from the time it was installed. I even TRIED to crash it, but could not get it to fail. No other program I tried held up like this one!! Good Work!!! The only suggestions I have are introducing pictures and date controls into the program. In my opinion that is all that is missing. Some people would want wizards, but that isn't necessary to make it a great program. - Apr 11 2005

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Oct 03 2005
It seems to me this project has a long way to go yet to be functional. I'm more impressed with the Knoda project at least I can create nice functional controls and forms that have visual appeal, but it lacks the nice date controls this one has. I think I'll make that suggestion. - Apr 09 2005

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Sep 27 2005
In my opinion Rekall is recked all in all. I have tried to install Rekall in Gentoo Linux using the standard package management and it crashes whenever I try to edit anything. It doesn't matter what it is. It goes through the wizards just fine, but as soon as it goes to show/edit the form/report/table/anything it drops with a critical error. I even tried manually creating a form or report and it just crashes always with the same error. - Apr 08 2005