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Alberto Altieri , France
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VDM "Vie de merde"

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Jan 08 2011
Hi chepioq,

the right code for the script is:

print "\033[0;$font$quote\033[0;0m\n";

but it doesn't work in the plasmoid.

I think you can change colour font only in your kde control center.


Dago68 - Jan 08 2011
Hi dridk,

the correct request is:

"PLEASE, add VDM logo insteed your pingus."


There are no official logo on VDM site but for next release I'll ask directly to them.

This is a python script and all source are inside the file you donwnload.


Dago68 - Jan 07 2011
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Aug 02 2010
Score 68.3%
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