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Diego Lascano Ambato, Ecuador
Obsidian Icon Theme

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Jul 14 2019
My bad! I was using an older version. Thanks for your help! - Apr 30 2018
I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 and it looks to me that the "Settings" icon doesn't match. Is this the correct design? Thanks! - Apr 29 2018
Obsidian 2

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Nov 15 2018
EDIT: Nevermind. I installed Breeze theme and then I could select that theme to make Kdenlive dark. Cheers! - Apr 06 2018
Thanks! It worked for VLC, but not for Kdenlive (only the menus are dark themed). - Apr 06 2018
Thank you very much for this beautiful theme! I just installed on Ubuntu 17.10 and it looks awesome :D
PS: Can it work with Kdenlive and VLC somehow? - Apr 05 2018
Obsidian 2

GTK3 Themes
by madmaxms

Score 80.9%
Apr 05 2018