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by aur
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Sep 13 2017
Yay, it works!!! For whatever reason, VLC's native "Qt interface" → "Continue playback?" feature does not work for me, whether I set it to "Always" or "Ask". I have seen it work in the past (probably on 2.2.3?), but on 2.2.8 and 3.0.2, it doesn't function (Windows 64-bit platform). I know I'm not alone in experiencing this; not sure why such a relatively simple feature is so problematic.

In any case, I looked at the 6 different plugins that came up for a keyword search of "resume" (only one of those came up when searching for "continue", so the author of Moments' Tracker may want to include that word somewhere in the description). What I found:

Multiple VLC enhancments [sic] / Omni — No way to change options (e.g. the dangerous "hit Del to delete currently playing file without warning") without donating. No thanks.

Progress (Saves Your Progress) — Restore of the last playlist works, but the last file starts playing again from the beginning.

Quick Save/Load Playlist — Didn't try this one, but the description only mentions resuming where you were in the playlist, not where you were in the last file.

Resume Media — Wow, one of the very worst UIs I have ever seen. Once I finally figured out how the heck to use it, I was able to get manual saving and restoring of play location to work under 2.2.8, but not the advertised automatic saving. Under 3.0.2, I couldn't get even manual save/restore to work.

vlcTADED — Didn't try it since it requires you to redo your directory structures to suit the plugin.

I tried Moments' Tracker (BTW, that apostrophe is not really correct English) last, and THANKFULLY, it was the one solution that worked. Unfortunately you have to remember to manually save your last play location, but I'm not sure if there's a way around that with the current LUA APIs. Also, there's some awkwardness where the plugin only works as expected if you quit VLC before opening a file that you want to resume a previous play location in, then activate the plugin after loading your media. However, you can work around this by going to "View" → "Bookmark your moments" (BTW, this really ought to have the same name as the plugin) → "Deactivate", and then reactivate it. This awkwardness is greatly reduced if you turn off VLC's default "Playlist" → "Use only one instance when started from file manager" option.

Anyway, thank you so much to the author(s) of Moments' Tracker for being the only ones to properly fix this curiously problematic necessity! - Apr 24 2018
Moments' Tracker

VLC Extensions
by aur

Score 75.0%
Apr 24 2018