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Kwin Scripts 21 comments

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Nov 28 2017
Yes it used to be available to download here as far as I remember. Maybe I am incorrect int that.
- Aug 26 2018
Umm what happened to this script? It is no longer available for download. - Aug 24 2018
I got these from another kwin script and they really seemed to help make the adding applets that pops out from the left work correctly. That is a good question since I basically copied this from another script how do I really tell the name of what I want to ignore. So in this case it would be when I right click on the panel, then panel options and click add widget. The window that pops out on the left side of the screen for all the widgets how would I even tell what the name of that app is so I can intelligently ignore it rather than just copy a bunch of stuff that may not be needed. - Aug 11 2018
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This is a good list of ignored clients. It also make sure that things like adding applets to panels still works. - Aug 11 2018
My only thought is maybe like quarter tiling you need an option to send to another desktop with shortcut key in the application. - Aug 10 2018
Yeah I found kwin rules and needed the border toggle option to learn that only problem I am having now is that windows shift back to a desktop for some reason. I will share a video of what is happening - Aug 10 2018
Nevermind on the border piece I just found the option in Global Shortcuts. Forgive me I am just getting use to kde and all the different places to configure things. - Aug 10 2018
Also is there a way to force borders on temporarily. This is only needed for when I need to configure the application to do a certain action via kwin window rules. Its easier to already have the application running to configure it rather than figuring everything out from scratch. I see there is a no border option in the config which works. However when this is off the windows don't stack as they are configure to this option has to be on for some reason for everything to work right. - Aug 10 2018
Can you add the ability to open certain programs in certain windows like devilspie. This i3wm allows this functionality as well.
- Aug 10 2018
Quarter Tiling

Kwin Scripts 10 comments

by Jazqa
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Sep 14 2017
Anymore plans to update? - Aug 24 2018
Latte Dock

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 298 comments

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2 days ago
Fixing link. - Aug 10 2018 anyone know why the icons are missing for things like folders and in this case open icon settings. - Aug 10 2018