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Daniel / Maribor, Slovenia
Dust Mac

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

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Dec 10 2008
I love your theme, can you make a theme with colors similar to this:

I figured colors can't be changed completely.

thanks - Jul 20 2010

System Software 224 comments

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Jan 08 2013
Yea it's such a shame for a good desktop to be left behind by canonical. - Mar 24 2010
hmm ok i understand :/

So how hard would it be to add this feature and is it planned for the future?

It would realy help a lot of people to get used to KDE/Linux.
- Mar 22 2010
well it's not package related since all package managers have dependencies.

And I didn't meant to make a bad comment, but I can't understand why the application view is available in gnome, but not in KDE. - Mar 22 2010
This software is not usable by normal user.

Normal users shouldn't be presented with 15 packages when they enter VLC for example.
How the hell should they know what package to install? This is not a power user application nor simple one.

Till you bring back the view by application ( that was once in use in the past (by kubuntu) this application will remain useless for most of the people.

So please add the application view to next release. - Mar 22 2010

by brdn25

Score 75.5%
Mar 24 2010