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Jul 15 2018
Who write insults and troll here except you???
You said that i'm a liar, that all us citizens are stupid, that macos user are all fanatics and so on...You're continuously voting down all comments (with your friends) to delete them.
You're continuously trolling about macos but no messages was related to this OS!!
The Qt-apps admin has been also warned about your behavior. - Apr 03 2014
I'm on linux and i've already proved it to you.
What you say on private message : "Why are all U.S. citizens stupid? " - Apr 02 2014
Just take a look at the texstudio tracker on sourceforge and you will see reports about crash, acces violation and others critical bugs.
All comments are deleted by reiniger. - Apr 02 2014
In a previous post, you said that you're on Lubuntu14.04b2 and now you're on archlinux... - Apr 02 2014
Linux dark-VPCF11M1E 3.11.0-14-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 11 18:48:32 UTC 2014 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

Do you want also my adress, my phone number?
Who are you to ask all theses questions, to censor all comments?
Don't you konw that opensource mean liberty and freedom? - Apr 02 2014
??? Only you is trolling here... - Apr 02 2014
Still some stability trouble with the 2.7 versionon linux - Apr 02 2014
So, you admit that you post positive vote without trying the soft!!
For your information, i'm on linux since a long time (i've begun with mandrake 8.2)
You seem to ignore that linux can be installed on a mac and that GPL softs are not mp3. Of course, a GPL soft can be forked, but the name and the logo must be changed!
I don't know if i need to "drink beer" or "smoke some joint" , but i know that open source doesn't need fanatics like you.
- Mar 20 2011
- the pdf viewer of this fork is less advanced than the original program one (no continuous mode) and is very buggy (have you really try this fork and his "grid mode"?)
- the original program was the first to include a pdf viewer and, as always, this fork has just copy the idea and the code (from texworks)
- every body can take a look at the code : the authors of this fork (benito van der zander and jan sundermeyer) spent their time to copy ideas and code from others softs
- using the same name than the original soft for a fork is as shame (take a look at some recent forks : OpenOffice, ffmpeg : they don't use the same name)
- unlike the original soft, this fork is not cross-platform : there is no macosx package for the 2.1 version and the svn macosx package doesn't work. It seems that the authors of this fork don't know how to compile their own code on macosx (of course, they copy code from others softs without understanding it) - Mar 20 2011
The original texmaker is more stable, polished and extented than this buggy fork. - Aug 10 2010

Office Apps
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