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Jens Fritz Berlin, Germany
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test search & delete duplicate files

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by deft
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Nov 27 2008
thx 4 the link, helpful 4 me ;) - Mar 07 2007
Thank's for your reply!

That's what i made it for. Having a song multiple times in amarok still drives me crazy ;)

I hope everthinks works well with my script on your machine :)

greetz from berlin - jens - Mar 05 2007
Yap, this makes sense! I'll try bring it in my script!

But my actual problem is: file name with spaces...

... and building links ... cause:

if i change the IFS to anything else than a "whitespace" DCOP failed with the gauge - ok - a gauge isnt'that necassary...

So, the next step is a "ln -s"-function.

a basicly working version is done - hopefully i bring it to a "testing"-state

Thx 4 ur reply - jens - Mar 05 2007
Yap. That's what i meant with the Point "Link" in the ToDo.
My Idea of using the script was (at first) to reduce the size of my mp3-collection...
Set Symlinks instead of deleting makes sense... i'll try my very best - hopefully i'll find time for that.

Please excuse my bad english...

- Jan 22 2007
hmm, it seem's that i'am infected with some kind of M$-Virus...confirming the confirmation of a confirmation. You're right. During my "Changing a shell-script to a KDE-Dialog" i used the mesages to "echo" the variables and "see" the startpoint of every function. It's all done by try and error...

Thanks for the hint. ;) - Jan 22 2007